Philadelphia Eagles versus New Orleans: 10 Saints looking to ruin Week 17

Andy Dalton #14, New Orleans Saints (Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images)
Andy Dalton #14, New Orleans Saints (Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images) /
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Eagles -5.5. 15. 54. 13-2. 1 PM EST. 6-9. FOX. Sunday, January 1st

Here are a handful of Saints to watch when their offense takes the field versus the Philadelphia Eagles defense.

Maybe we’re alone in this, but it feels like it has been forever since the Philadelphia Eagles played a football game. Christmas Eve feels like it was three weeks ago.

Sure, we have all been busy in the meantime. We have debated everything from whether Jalen Hurts can play to whether he should play, and believe it or not, whether Gardner Minshew is good enough to beat the New Orleans Saints if he doesn’t.

Just in case you need some clarification, here are a few answers. If Jalen Hurts absolutely had to play in a game right now, it is believed that he could do so. Now, he wouldn’t be 100 hundred percent healthy. That’s why so many believe it’s better to start Gardner because, as Jalen would say, we choose to “keep the main thing the main thing”.

The ultimate goal is winning a Super Bowl, and to do that, Jalen needs to be healthy. Yes, we believe the Eagles can and will beat the Saints regardless of who starts. Still, New Orleans is an NFL team too. They’re bringing some ballers to Week 17’s matchup, so even though we’ve predicted a double-digit victory, we have still done our homework.