Jalen Hurts will start Eagles Week 18 regular-season finale versus Giants

Jalen Hurts #1, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
Jalen Hurts #1, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /

We, for the most part, knew that this would happen, but thanks to Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer, we have more ammunition to make the statement. NFL sources tell McLane that, despite Jalen Hurts being listed as questionable on the Philadelphia Eagles‘ most recent injury report and despite there being no official announcement from the team, QB1, the true Most Valuable Player of the 2022-2023 NFL season is back.

Yeah, we said it! Deal with it!

In all seriousness though, Birds fans, when they call it a night on Saturday, can rest easy. Hurts is expected to start on Sunday versus the New York Giants for Week 18’s regular-season finale.

Eagles fans everywhere have missed Jalen Hurts. It’s great to have him back!

There’s no point in crying over spilled milk. Nothing will erase ‘third and thirty’ or that loss to the Dallas Cowboys on Christmas Eve. There’s no reset button like we used to have on those Nintendo games, so we can’t erase the result of the Week 17 loss to the New Orleans Saints and play that game again.

With that being said, Philly enters Week 18 with a two-game losing streak, their first losing streak of the campaign, but hope isn’t lost. With a singular win, one versus a New York Giants team that is expected to rest its starters, the Birds take ownership of the NFC East’s crown, the top seed in the NFC Playoffs, and a much-needed first-round bye that should allow them time to heal.

We’ll never know what would have occurred versus Dallas and New Orleans had Jalen Hurts played. We’ll never know if Jalen would have won the MVP Trophy had he been present for the full season. Again, he’s the MVP in our book, but we suspect the two-game absence ruined his chances of winning the trophy, right?

Time heals all wounds (pun intended), and on Saturday, the Birds added reinforcements. Perhaps they’re getting healthy at the right time. We wouldn’t complain if they did, but the goal has always involved the Vince Lombardi Trophy. For Hurts, the MVP accolades and the paydays will come, but here’s what is most important right now.

We’re just happy that Number 1 is back in the lineup.

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