Eagles news: Handful of Philly’s stars make intriguing All-Pro Team

T.J. Edwards #57, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
T.J. Edwards #57, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images) /

Hang around in Philadelphia Eagles-centered circles long enough and you’ll hear phrases like the following: ‘I’d rather see Jalen Hurts win a Super Bowl than an MVP Trophy’. ‘I’d rather have a Vince Lombardi Trophy than 14 regular-season wins’. Here’s our question. Why in the heck can’t we have both? Why must one level of success be sacrificed for another?

You do realize that the personal success these guys are achieving helps equate to wins and losses, don’t you? You do understand that, if your team has a bunch of Pro Bowlers, that probably means things are going well for the team on the field right?

Seriously, why do we believe personal success somehow conflicts with the goals of the team?

Those who aren’t, shall we say, in the know can often be heard beating the drum and yelling that ‘these guys don’t care about Pro Bowls and personal accolades’. Those people should be ignored. Nothing could be further from the truth.

While we all realize that the ULTIMATE goal for guys like Jalen Hurts, James Bradberry, Darius Slay, and Javon Hargrave is winning the Vince Lombardi Trophy, it’s foolish to think these guys don’t want to be recognized as being the best at what they do.

If you think Jalen and his agent wouldn’t like to say QB1 has an MVP Trophy on the shelf when he sits at a negotiating table to hammer out a new deal, you’re mistaken. If you think Bradberry and Hargrave weren’t disappointed by being named Pro Bowl alternates (which again is a gross error), you are sadly mistaken.

Okay, we could go on, but the rant is over. We’ve said all of that to state the following. Five Eagles earned some nice mentions recently. Again, you should be happy. That isn’t a reason to complain.

Pro Football Focus places five Eagles on their 2022 NFL All-Pro Team.

Whether you love their unique way of providing data or believe that they’re off base more often than not, you have to admit that the stat gurus over at Pro Football Focus are often worth a conversation.

Recently, they released their 2022 NFL All-Pro Team. Five Eagles made the first or second team roster. Center Jason Kelce, wide receiver A.J. Brown, and cornerback James Bradberry earned spots on the second unit. Here’s what Sam Monson, the writer of this one, had to say about his reasoning for two BIrds, Lane Johnson and T.J. Edwards on the First Team.

We begin with Lane Johnson.

"Lane Johnson allowed just nine pressures in 15 games before injury caused him to miss the final two weeks of the season. Johnson receives virtually no help from Philadelphia’s scheme and is separated from Wirfs by a quarterback that does not have the fastest average time to throw in the NFL. Johnson did not surrender a sack or a hit all season."

Here’s Sam Monson’s critique of T.J. Edwards.

"T.J. Edwards is one of the best stories in the NFL. An undrafted free agent from Wisconsin in 2019, Edwards has graded well in every opportunity he has been given since college. This season, he finished with 51 defensive stops and seven pass breakups while allowing a 76.4 passer rating 76.4 into his coverage."

We probably would have placed Jason Kelce, James Bradberry, and A.J. Brown on the first team. Then again, we might be biased.

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