Eagles wives, girlfriends set social media ablaze with elite party video

Swoop, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Rich Schultz /Getty Images)
Swoop, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Rich Schultz /Getty Images) /

The pre-game coin toss hadn’t even occurred yet. That didn’t prevent a group of Philadelphia Eagles wives and girlfriends from partying like they knew the final score of the 2022-2023 regular-season finale.

The Birds got it done! By defeating the New York Giants, they earned the NFC East’s crown and a first-round bye. Prior to the game, some of their better halves got the celebration started early.

Jordan Britt-Lovato, the wife of long-snapper Rick Lovato posted a video taken from a party bus on the way to Lincoln Financial Field. We’re kind of bummed out that we didn’t get an invite. Take a look at the festivities.

It didn’t take long for these young ladies to become TikTok famous.

Here’s how Twitter reacted to the Eagles wives’ pre-game celebration.

According to a recent survey from Betway Insider, Lincoln Financial Field has the sixth-best tailgating experience in the entire league. Give these ladies a parking spot, and that ranking has a chance of skyrocketing.

As you might imagine, there were some negative reactions, particularly from Cowboys fans. Go figure.

Keep talking Dallas fans! Keep talking! At least our owner wasn’t on the bus trying to gain favor with the VP of officiating for the NFL.

This way, we have no issues with these ladies enjoying themselves. Why would we? They obviously had a good time. They were responsible enough to charter a bus, but here are two questions that still need to be answered.

First, how do the husbands feel being outshined by their significant others after a long, hard-fought battle against the New York Giants? Second, how do these ladies not have a reality show already?

You can bet Eagles fans everywhere world be n the lookout for that one. Maybe they could launch one during the Divisional Round of the playoffs. Until then, cheers to the team for a fantastic regular season.

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