Eagles news: Arryn Siposs return rumors, players request padded practices

Arryn Siposs #8 of the Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images)
Arryn Siposs #8 of the Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images) /

Who knew that being an NFL punter was such a tough task? We’ve all learned a lot while watching the Philadelphia Eagles this season, haven’t we? We’ve seen guys get hurt and stink up the joint, yet for whatever reason, the Birds still seemingly don’t have satisfactory talent at the position.

While many of us have probably had a discussion or two with ourselves in the mirror and convinced the man we were staring at that we could probably boot one 45 to 50 yards if called into duty, more honest conversations have probably brought you back to reality. Then, the Birds signed former Pro Bowler Brett Kern after Arryn Siposs sustained an injury, and we began lying to ourselves again.

We all watched Kern uncork a couple of unimpressive boots versus the New York Giants en route to a 33.5-yard average in the regular-season finale. If you’re like us, some of those feelings about your confidence are back. Sure, common sense always wins. It’s still hard to believe that any of us could do better, but you still probably scratched your heads at home while watching a professional punter boot one 38 yards downfield.

It was hard not to ask questions like the following: This guy was a Pro Bowl punter? When does Siposs get back again?

Well, to answer the first question, guys who are signed in Week 15 are typically signed that late for a reason, but in reference to the second question, there may be a clearer answer.

Arryn Siposs is out of a walking boot and hopes to be back for the Divisional Round.

The last time we all saw Arryn Siposs on the field of play, he came dangerously close to turning potentially one of the worst special teams plays of the season into an all-timer. Pinned back against the back line of the Eagles’ own end zone, the second-year specialist’s attempt to launch one was blocked. He tracked it, scooped it, and almost gained the necessary yardage for a first-down conversion.

Unfortunately, he took a massive shot on the sideline and suffered an ankle sprain in the process. He’s out of a walking boot now and appears to be eyeing a Divisional Round return.

Siposs has been guilty of some up-and-down showings as well, but you have to admit to one thing. We’d much rather see him than Kern.

More Eagles news: Players are in favor of padded practices during the bye.

After a relatively healthy first half of the season, the Eagles have been banged up down the stretch. Slowly guys are filtering back in. That’s good news for a team in search of a second Vince Lombardi Trophy.

Jalen Hurts and C.J. Gardner-Johnson returned in Week 18. Lane Johnson is expected to return for the postseason. Josh Sweat returned to practice on Thursday, but if you think that means guys are asking to take it easy, forget it.

As was the case during the bye week in 2018 under Doug Pederson, most of the veterans asked that the practices during the bye week be padded.

Some may argue for safety, especially seeing as how this team had a rash of injuries down the stretch. Others may see this and smile. Some of us with old souls might still believe that this is how practice should be run.

Whatever side you’re on, we can all agree that we want to see two things: a healthy Eagles roster and another Lombardi Trophy. Philly has the talent to accomplish the ultimate goal, but we’ll leave decisions like these to Nick Sirianni.

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