Eagles versus Giants: Guess what Wink Martindale said about Boston Scott

Boston Scott #35, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images)
Boston Scott #35, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images) /

It never seems to take long before any discussion about a Philadelphia Eagles/New York Giants game transitions into debates about whether or not any interested party should place wagers on Boston Scott finding his way into the end zone as an ‘anytime touchdown scorer’. You have all heard this story thousands of times by way of one avenue or another. For the sake of this conversation alone, this has to be brought up once more.

From 2018 to 2022, Boston Scott has suited up for 64 games as a member of the Eagles. That includes four playoff tilts. He has run for 1,268 yards and 16 regular-season touchdowns (and another during the postseason last year). He has also caught 67 career passes for 514 yards while finding his way into the end zone on another score, but he is best known for one reason.

He is the ‘Giant Killer’, the author of a story that began in the Eagles’ 2019 regular-season finale, a story that may conclude on Saturday night. Ten of those 18 TDs have come at the expense of the New York Giants. Ask the G-Men however, and you might be described at how they view him.

Wink Martindale doesn’t believe Eagles running back Boston Scott is a ‘Giant Killer’.

With the Eagles/Giants game being on Saturday, both teams made their coordinators available for the media on Wednesday. Most of you already know that. What you might be unaware of is what Giants defensive coordinator Wink Martindale had to say about Scott when asked about why he’s a “Hall of Famer” when facing them.

"(Boston Scott’s success) predates my time here. I can’t answer that. He’s a good running back. They have a stable of good running backs, so I can’t answer that…"

The question was redirected and asked another way. Wink was asked about the ease with which Boston has been able to score on Big Blue in years past. Martindale’s response?

“Yeah… I mean, just because he’s scored, I don’t think he’s a Giant Killer”.

Truthfully, we have no issues with that. He should answer the question that way. We just think it’s funny.

It’s just interesting that a New York-based reporter would ask him that, but come on… Let’s be frank. Scott didn’t get that nickname for no reason. He has earned his reputation.

Raise your glasses friends. Here’s a toast to Boston burying the Giants one more time on Saturday, and here’s another toast to the subsequent victory by the Eagles that will occur as a byproduct.

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