Ranking Eagles star Jalen Hurts versus every other NFC East quarterback

Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles (Mandatory Credit: Daniel Bartel-USA TODAY Sports)
Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles (Mandatory Credit: Daniel Bartel-USA TODAY Sports) /
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player. 58. . . . Carson Wentz. 10

Philadelphia Eagles fans are very familiar with the roller-coaster ride that is Carson Wentz, and since Week 11 of 2017, more often than not, the Wentz Wagon has tumbled downhill.

He has developed a reputation for being ‘clicky’ and only hanging out with Christians who enjoy hunting. He and Fletcher Cox got along famously, but Nick Foles was more likable by teammates and a much better fit in the locker room.

If you’ll remember, Jason Kelce and other Eagles players built a shrine to him in the locker room upon his exit from the team. There is also a statue bearing Foles’ likeness at Lincoln Financial Field. No one will ever build a statue of Carson Wentz.

Final regular-season grades (Average: 69.6)

Leadership: C-
Athleticism: C-
Vision: D+
Rhythm: D+
Efficiency: D+

Joseph Santoliquito is among the media members who have written extensively about the issues the Eagles organization had with Wentz. Among other things, he was labeled as being uncoachable, which is a sign of poor leadership. Being a leader means modeling ideal behaviors, and Wentz has always failed in that regard.

Wentz showed some Patrick Mahomes-style magic in 2017 combining a strong arm with agility and mobility in the pocket as well as the ability to make plays out of the structure of the offense. The issue with that is that he preferred to make plays out of the structure and struggled to play within the rhythm and timing of the offense.

While Wentz was an MVP candidate in Philadelphia during his second season, too often he demonstrated poor field vision and put his teams in bad spots while playing hero ball. That problem only continued in both Indianapolis and Washington.

In terms of efficiency of his drop back, platform, and release, Wentz has always had flawed mechanics, and that may be due to injuries, some of which dating back to his career in high school.