Eagles Nation shouldn’t be shocked by lame Michael Strahan takes

Jon Runyan,Eagles (69) Michael Strahan, Giants (Photo by Joseph Labolito/NFL)
Jon Runyan,Eagles (69) Michael Strahan, Giants (Photo by Joseph Labolito/NFL) /

Before we say anything else, let’s all establish some understanding here. Though much has improved in our great nation, especially financially, we would never make any statement that appears to suggest we’re in favor of someone losing their job. What we will say is we can no longer tune into FOX for NFL pregame shows whenever Michael Strahan is present, especially when the Philadelphia Eagles are the topic of conversation.

Ahead of the Birds’ Divisional Round clash versus the New York Giants, FOX NFL Pregame’s resident Big Blue alum came oh so close to making us throw something at our television sets.

The analysis left much to be desired. The Rocky references were a bit lame, but then again, Michael Strahan is lame. Why are we surprised?

Still, it doesn’t get much worse than his final contribution to the pregame broadcast.

Michael Strahan picks the Giants to win over the Eagles during the Divisional Round.

Well, this should come as a surprise. As always, the FOX analysts picked the winners of the featured game. All but Strahan picked the Eagles as their guess for the Divisional Round game’s winner.

With that, we’re convinced of two things. First, the pregame line given by the oddsmakers was accurate, and second, again, Michael Strahan is among the lamest people on Planet Earth.

Again, we wouldn’t make knee-jerk statements like ‘fire Michael Strahan’ or ‘get this guy off our television. There are other pregame shows that we can watch. The NFL Network is still in business. So are other operations like ESPN. We’ll probably rock out with NBC Sports Philadelphia or something like that because it makes no sense to watch a pregame show on ‘mute’.