Latest Jalen Hurts injury update ahead of Divisional Round game vs. Giants

Jalen Hurts #1, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)
Jalen Hurts #1, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /

Somewhere, the Rock aka Dwayne Johnson is beginning his morning by throwing on some shades, grabbing a microphone, and bellowing one of his 300 catchphrases into an awaiting microphone – FINALLY! At long last, there is finally a Philadelphia Eagles game to watch, and it will be played at 8:15 p.m. EST on Saturday night. Finally, Jalen Hurts will be on the field and look like, well, Jalen Hurts again.

It seems like it’s been six months since the injury in Week 15 versus the Chicago Bears made his shoulder the most famous in Philadelphia. There have been debates on how healthy he is from a percentages standpoint. Here’s where we’re all on the same page.

We know he will play in the NFC Divisional Round Game. His head coach says he’s a ‘full go’. Wild horses wouldn’t be able to drag him off of the field in this one.

Here are the latest Jalen Hurts injury updates ahead of the Eagles’ Divisional Round Game versus the Giants.

Shortly after we closed the book on Philly’s final game of the 2022-2023 NFL regular season, the Eagles entered a bye week, and we discussed Dr. Mark Schwartz’s theories on Jalen Hurts’ expected recovery time. He’s a brief recap.

"My understanding was his injury is a sprain to the sternoclavicular joint, and what that really is… We very commonly hear acromioclavicular or A.C. joint, where the collar bone meets the very end of the shoulder (on the) outside. This is the opposite end. This is where the clavicle meets the breastbone, the sternum. It’s a much less-common injury. The good news is that this was diagnosed, more or less, with an MRI which means it’s probably a Grade 1 or maybe Grade 1 Plus which is probably a mild to moderate sprain. The good news is these generally heal in about anywhere from about six weeks, so we’re about four weeks into this. The most important thing was he not reinjure it and take another blow."

In other words, Jalen Hurts will play, but he won’t be one-hundred percent healthy. Who is healthy at this juncture of the season though?

Following the aforementioned Week 15 injury, Jalen rested and didn’t begin throwing until 11 days later on December 29th. Philly released their first Divisional Round injury report on Tuesday. Hurts wasn’t on it. Physically, he figures to play but be uncomfortable until the Eagles’ season is over. Hopefully, that will be in February.

Jalen Hurts took all of the first-team reps at practice this week. There were no restrictions on what he was asked to do. There are theories that the game plan may include some tempo to keep the Giants off balance and limit their ability to send the blitz as often as they’d like to. If Jalen Hurts is healthy, we should see the evidence of that early during the game.

Finally, an Eagles team will take the field whose roster looks like the one that dismantled the New York Giants in Week 14 at MetLife Stadium. Finally, the Birds and Big Blue renew acquaintances for the 181st time. The winner moves on to the NFC Championship Game to face the winner of the Dallas Cowboys versus San Francisco 49ers game to be played on Sunday.

We doubt they’ll get it done, but we hope Dallas pulls it out. Nothing will be more satisfying than beating the Giants and Cowboys en route to Super Bowl LVII. Nothing would be more satisfying than seeing QB1 prove, regardless of what the voters think, that Jalen Hurts is the NFL’s MVP, and he has been all season.

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