Philadelphia Eagles Twitter account was on fire trolling the Giants after 38-7 win


It was a very bad night for the New York Giants, which made it a spectacularly enchanted evening in Philadelphia. Not only did Daniel Jones look as bad as he has all season, but the Giants were stuffed in a locker both on the field by Philly and online by Eagles Twitter.

Specifically, the official team account was on an absolute heater after the 38-7 beat down on Saturday night.

Philadelphia is off the NFC Championship Game, or more accurately will remain home and await either the Cowboys or 49ers. But before anyone gets too far into the future, Eagles fans are living in the moment, and it’s about as sweet as it gets. It’s one thing to reach the conference championship, which Philly is doing for just the second time in fifteen years, but they got there by destroying a division rival.

A second tasty victory over an even more hated rival may await next week, but that’s getting too far ahead.

Right now fans are relishing in how badly the Giants were beat down, and some of the happiest folks in the city were the ones running the team’s official account.

Eagles Twitter account absolutely roasted Giants after 38-7 win

While the Eagles were dominant on the field, the team’s social media crew was absolutely on fire as well. As bad as the Giants were beaten by Jalen Hurts and company, they got roasted even harder by the team running the Eagles Twitter account.

All of that was amazing, but perhaps the best was the social media team trolling Eli Manning after the game:

For what it’s worth, Eli was at the Eagles game on Saturday night and fans welcomed him back to The Linc the only way they knew how:

It’s one thing to win a playoff game the way Philadelphia did, with utter domination and no regard for anything other than victory. It’s another thing to do all of that to a division rival like the Giants, and have the type of bragging rights Philly does with the success to back it up.

Eagles fans could be in for another weekend like this one in the NFC Championship Game. Either the San Francisco 49ers or Dallas Cowboys will be heading to Lincoln Financial next Sunday with a trip to the Super Bowl on the line — and it’s not hard to figure out which of those two teams fans in Philly would love to beat on its way to a second Super Bowl title.