Philadelphia Eagles just released the greatest hype video ever

Brian Dawkins, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Drew Hallowell/Philadelphia Eagles/Getty Images)
Brian Dawkins, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Drew Hallowell/Philadelphia Eagles/Getty Images) /

Something told us when the Philadelphia Eagles asked via their Twitter page who BIrds fans wanted to see narrate the upcoming NFC Championship Game hype video, that Brian Dawkins would wind up being the selection. We aren’t psychic or anything, but we somehow knew that was what was going to happen.

Weapon X hasn’t suited up for a football game since Christmas Eve in 2011. His last in-game appearance as a member of the Eagles was even longer ago. Would you believe that NFC Championship Game versus the Arizona Cardinals in 2009 was his swan song?

Have you seen Dawk lately though? Dude is jacked. He looks like he could still give us 20 snaps if he wanted to, but that familiar voice hasn’t lost any of its steam.

The Philadelphia Eagles’ new NFC Championship Game hype reel is a must-watch.

We’ve waited on this all week. The final cut didn’t disappoint. The Birds released a hype video ahead of the NFC Championship Game. Brian Dawkins was asked to steer the ship. That sounds like a winning formula to us.

Are we alone, or does anyone else feel like suiting up? Dawk’s resume speaks for itself:

201 in-game appearances including the playoffs, 200 starts, 998 tackles, 23 sacks, 38 interceptions, three defensive TDs, 141 pass breakups, 35 forced fumbles, and 16 fumble recoveries in an Eagles jersey.

He’s also a member of the NFL 2000s All-Decade Team, the Philadelphia Eagles Hall of Fame, the
Philadelphia Eagles 75th Anniversary Team, and the Pro Football Hall of Fame. He has a Super Bowl ring as an executive, nine Pro Bowl nominations, and four First-Team All-Pro nods. Something tells that he could have coached or done TV had he wanted to try that.

There will never be another Brian Dawkins, even if we wish there could be, so we’ll settle for the appearance here and there and the occasional hype video. They don’t give out Emmys for these, but maybe they should. Maybe we’re being emotional, but it feels like this deserves one.