Watch Trent Williams start brawl in Eagles-49ers game after cheap shot (Video)


Things got feisty toward the end of the Philadelphia Eagles destruction of the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC Championship Game.

With the Eagles running away with the game, and the Niners running out of time, things got ugly. Late in the fourth quarter, two separate scuffles started to breakout but Trent Williams boiled things over to an all-out brawl.

Amid the frustration of not having the scuffles handled in a timely manner, and against the backdrop of what was happening to the Niners, Williams let his emotions get the best of him and he whipped K’Von Wallace to the ground.

It was pretty nasty, and things just escalated from there. Both sidelines started to empty and officials scrambled to try and take control of the situation.

Despite Williams being the main instigator, both teams were penalized for the fight, with Wallace getting ejected from the game.

The fight was a long time coming, as tempers flared as far back as before kickoff with A.J. Brown and Jimmie Ward getting testy in pregame warmups. Players needed to be separated multiple different times throughout the game, and it all culminated with this giant brawl at the end of the fourth quarter.

It’s fitting, when you think about it. This Eagles team has been playing with both middle fingers up all season long, and a serious case of not giving a crap what anyone thinks. Just think about when Nick Sirianni yelled at the Dallas Cowboys sideline earlier this year and you get an idea of the attitude this team has.

Not for nothing, but after the fight Sirianni turned to the crowd behind the Eagles bench and started waving his arms to amp them up.

The 49ers might have started the fight, but Philly finished it.