Kyle Shanahan blames Eagles jumbotron for failure to challenge DeVonta Smith catch

DeVonta Smith #6, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images)
DeVonta Smith #6, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images) /

You aren’t going to believe some of this. Then again, you might! Following the Philadelphia Eagles‘ one-sided triumph over the San Francisco 49ers, it appears the bay area has experienced some difficulty in accepting the final score and moving on. The whining has been rampant. The trash talk has been inescapable.

Seriously? What’s going on here? We knew that gold was one of the team’s colors, but we also thought it was a standard. Niners fans have issued threats on social media. Then, the whining began on many of their local radio brands. It appears now, that Kyle Shanahan is a little salty.

He believes his failure to challenge the authenticity of DeVonta Smith’s controversial 4th-down reception on the Eagles’ first drive was the fault of the operators of the jumbotron at Lincoln Financial Field. Take a look at this one.

This is a joke, right? Here’s a question. When has the home team at any NFL stadium ever shown replays to assist the visiting team in overturning bad calls? We haven’t seen that happen since the challenge flag made its debut.

Here’s a message to 49ers fans from the loyal members of Eagles Nation. Take the loss and move on.

Whether they want to admit this or not, here are the cold-hard facts. Reality set in for the Niners roster relatively early during the NFC Championship Game. Once, they knew victory wasn’t achievable, the temper tantrums were underway.

Though billed as one of the NFL’s more disciplined teams in the days leading up to their tilt to determine the NFC’s representative in Super Bowl LVII, San Fran fell apart when the lights shone brightest.

Penalties by the Niners’ defense aided Philly to its second score of the ball game. Later on, the rough stuff ensued. We saw unnecessary roughness penalties and Trent Williams going full Hulk Smash on K’Von Wallace.

That we can explain. The competitive nature took over. Sometimes emotions bubble over in-game, but when it comes to statements like the aforementioned, we have to throw a challenge flag of our own.

Somewhere along the lines, San Fran forgot that Philly was potentially robbed of points due to a play that was blown dead, one the referees should have let continue. Remember that fumble recovery?

Somewhere along the lines, the Niners and their fans forgot that, even had you removed the first score of the game, there are still 24 points that they aren’t acknowledging. Philly won this game. They won it fair and square, and if we could offer some advice during what has to be a trying time, here’s what we would say.

Take the loss and move on. At least you have some of your dignity remaining!

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