First look at Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl 57 uniforms

Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images)
Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images) /

Has it sunk in yet? Are you starting to feel the adrenaline rush through your body? If not, you may want to check your pulse. The Philadelphia Eagles, thanks to dominating performances in the Divisional Round and NFC Championship Game, are one step closer to winning their second Vince Lombardi Trophy in five years.

Things got a little clearer on the Tuesday leading up to the new and improved Pro Bowl games (well, let’s hope they’ve improved). Nine Pro Bowlers from the Eagles roster won’t be participating. Neither will their eight alternates.

As representatives of the National Football Conference, they’ll be resting and preparing for a more important game on February 12th. On the final day of January, we got a sneak peek at their Super Bowl LVII jerseys. The look hasn’t changed, but the patch is a nice touch.

Football’s biggest game is a matchup of two heavyweights, the Eagles and the Chiefs.

There are no guarantees in our great country’s greatest game. The Birds, though the favorites, won’t win simply by showing up. The Kansas City Chiefs, their opponents, aren’t going to lie down and let Philly run all over them.

The opponent isn’t a familiar one. Unless the Eagles and Chiefs meet on football’s grandest stage, they’re only scheduled to meet one another once every four seasons. Kansas City won the last clash in 2021. They own a 5-4 record in the series, but if Philadelphia takes care of business in the Super Bowl, no one will spend too much time thinking about the other nine meetings.

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While the opponent is unfamiliar, the coach isn’t. Andy Reid led Philadelphia for 14 seasons as their head coach. After beating the greatest dynasty in NFL history to win the trophy in February of 2018, the Birds will have to beat Big Red to get it done this time around.

It’s a nice script. Let’s hope it features a happy ending. It’s too early to make guesses on how this one might play out, but at least we know Philly will look fresh out of the starting block.