Micah Parsons responds to criticism of Lane Johnson, Eagles support

Lane Johnson #65, Philadelphia Eagles, Micah Parsons #11, Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)
Lane Johnson #65, Philadelphia Eagles, Micah Parsons #11, Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /

There’s a thought that has taken up residency in our minds more than once recently. If we weren’t responsible for governing the Twitter pages that are attached to our media outlets. how much time would we spend on the platform? We still aren’t sure of what our answer is. We realize that there are advantages. Social media allows us to keep up with what the Philadelphia Eagles are doing and connect with relatives and friends that we’ve had difficulty staying in contact with. There’s also a downside though, the negativity.

Raise your hand if you don’t even read the comments or read the messages in your inbox anymore. Okay, put your hands down. Raise them again if you’ve often seen a message from a colleague and/or friend later than you would have liked because you’ve trained yourself that there’s no need to sift through the negativity.

Trust us. You aren’t alone. That brings us to Micah Parsons. Perhaps he should consider using the mute feature for a while.

Micah Parsons fires back at his detractors who are unhappy with his support of Eagles star Lane Johnson.

Engage with anyone in discussions about Micah Parsons., and you learn something relatively quickly. Theories about him and how he should be viewed vary depending on the person you’re having said conversation with. Hey, that’s what happens when guys wear the star on their helmets.

Sure, it’s hard to root for him as an Eagles fan because he wears the wrong jersey. Those comments about Jalen Hurts added fuel to the fire, but no one denies his talent. We also realize that, though these guys battle on the field of play, there’s a brotherhood that exists among these guys that we root for and against. When they aren’t playing each other, they root for one another as well.

Recently, Parsons took to Twitter to shout out a friend. Lane Johnson showed love as well.


The love fest continued in the comment section.


As you might imagine, that didn’t over well with some of the Dallas Cowboys’ contingent. We won’t share some of what was said. You can dig that up on your own, but Barstool Sports referred to this as one of the “lowest moments in Cowboys history”. Micah responded in true Micah fashion.

We’re staying out of that one, but we will offer a solution. If you’re so disgusted with him Dallas, trade the former Penn State Nittany Lion to Philly and let him play for the Eagles. Something tells us that this is where he wants to be anyway.

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