Remembering the Eagles first Super Bowl win as Tom Brady retires

Tom Brady #12, New England Patriots, Brandon Graham #55, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)
Tom Brady #12, New England Patriots, Brandon Graham #55, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images) /

At this stage of the game, you’re more than likely settling into the realization that you can stop pinching yourself. You can end that urge to keep asking yourself “am I dreaming”. The Philadelphia Eagles WILL represent the National Football Conference in the coming Super Bowl. If you’re a little younger, you’ve gotten spoiled. If you’re a little older, you’re smiling inside.

If we’re being honest, there were days in which we thought we’d never see the Birds win their first Vince Lombardi Trophy and now we might actually win a second? Really? As special as that sounds and as much as we’d, no doubt, appreciate another victory parade, there’s NOTHING like the first time those moments happened.

We take time to reminisce about that first Eagles Super Bowl win as Tom Brady calls it a career.

Think back to January 21st of 2018, and those Championship Games. Had Jacksonville outlasted the New England Patriots and had the Jags qualified for Super Bowl LII, Philly probably would have won anyway. We’d be no less appreciative of the moment, but there’s something about beating Bill Belichick, Tom Brady the G.O.A.T, Rob Gronkowski, and company. That adds a tad more oomph to the tale.

It never should have been the Jags there to lessen Philly’s moment. It had to be the Pats. To win that first championship, the Birds needed the appropriate adversary, and it doesn’t get any better than knowing to win it all and achieve a mountaintop that we hadn’t seen since 1960, the Philadelphia Eagles did so by toppling the greatest coach, quarterback, and dynasty in the history of the NFL.

The first day of February 2023 marks the end of an era… for real this time. The greatest and most accomplished quarterback in the NFL’s history has called it a career. He’s left us all with many memories. For Birds fans, he’s an accompanying piece of one of the proudest days of your lives.

Super Bowl LII was littered with so many moments: Malcolm Jenkins’ knockout shot on Brandin Cooks, Alshon Jeffery’s TD catch and the pirouette he had to perform to haul it in, the Philly Special, Corey Clement’s catch and run to set it up, Clement’s catch in the back of the end zone, that angry run by LeGarrette Blount to reach the end zone, and of course, seeing the confetti fall.

Still, in our minds, one moment tops them all. It’s the most famous strip sack in NFL history. It’s seeing Tom Brady sitting on the turf in disbelief after Brandon Graham reached TB12 to knock the ball away.

He’ll forever be the G.O.A.T., and he’s left us with so many memories. Still, when the dust clears and the smoke settles, that will always be our favorite memory of Tom Brady.

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