Andy Reid asked Troy Aikman to join the Eagles in 2002

Troy Aikman #8, Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Joseph Patronite/Getty Images)
Troy Aikman #8, Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Joseph Patronite/Getty Images) /

It always hurts at the time. It’s one of those sensitive topics that makes the blood boil, There’s just something unsettling about those rare occasions that Philadelphia Eagles legends wind up in Dallas Cowboys jerseys and vice versa.

No one who bore witness will ever forget where they were when Randall Cunnigham suited up for the Dallas Cowboys in relief of an injured Troy Aikman and led them to victory over Washington on Monday Night Football. Every time we see Jason Peters in that ugly white, blue, and grey jersey, we think we’ll never forgive him until we remember that, years from now, after his playing days are over, we really aren’t going to think about it that often. After all, we never discuss Harold Carmichael’s brief stint with Dallas in 1984. This one’s a little different though.

What if we told you that, in 2002, Troy Aikman was oh so close to donning the midnight green for several weeks?

It just sounds wrong, doesn’t it? It seems apparent, however, that Andy Reid made an attempt to make it happen.

Troy Aikman behind center for the Eagles just sounds wrong for so many reasons, but it appears we were close to seeing it happen.

You probably don’t need to be reminded of this, but for 12 seasons, Troy Aikman took his place in history as a member of the so-called ‘America’s Team’, leading them to Super Bowl glory three times. Philly beat up his Cowboys early. Aikman’s team was on the losing side to Philly the first five times he saw them. Dallas turned the page on December 15th in 1991, winning 25-13 (Aikman didn’t play in that one), and Troy won more often than he lost after that.

His final in-game appearance was on December 10th of 2000. He joined Fox’s NFC telecasts as a color commentator in 2001, but that didn’t stop Andy Reid from calling him once Donovan McNabb was expected to spend some time on the shelf after throwing four touchdown passes on a broken ankle during a Week 11 win over the Arizona Cardinals in 2001.

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Maybe we’re emotional. Maybe it’s that angst that we will forever hold toward the Dallas Cowboys, but Koy Detmer and A.J. Feeley are just fine with us. We’re so appreciative that Aikman said no and we never had to endure the trauma of watching Aikman in an Eagles jersey.

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