Ranking Eagles ten best 2023 EDGE draft prospects following Senior Bowl

Tyree Wilson #19, Texas Tech Red Raiders (Photo by John E. Moore III/Getty Images)
Tyree Wilson #19, Texas Tech Red Raiders (Photo by John E. Moore III/Getty Images) /
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Philadelphia Eagles
Lukas Van Ness #91, Iowa Hawkeyes (Photo by Matthew Holst/Getty Images) /

. . . Lukas Van Ness, Iowa. 6. player. 878

Lukas Van Ness and Will McDonald have commanded attention all season, and that won’t change during the pre-draft process.

We’ll be honest. We didn’t watch a ton of Iowa Hawkeyes football this season. We know that Lukas Van Ness is a big deal and he wound up with 37 tackles and six sacks during Iowa’s 13 games, but we didn’t see any of them live. Unless you’re an alum or a fan, Iowa’s kind of a boring watch.

Here’s what we do know. He’s a freak of nature and stands at six-foot-five and tips the scales at 264 pounds. He’s ascending in the minds of draft pundits we trust, and Pro Football Focus gives him an 80.2 overall grade while crediting him with 46 pressures on 271 pass-rushing snaps.

So, yeah… we can argue him out of the top five rather successfully, but for now, we’ll slot him fourth and see how things go from there.

837. . . . Will McDonald, Iowa State. 5. player

Will McDonald IV possesses decent height and size. He’s six-foot-four, but some might say that, at 245 pounds, they’d feel slightly better if he was a little thicker.

Here’s where that works for him. Team sources rave about his athleticism and speed. Any franchise that selects him could benefit by adopting a simple theory. Just give him the green light, let him go hunt, and simply just get out of the way.