Jerry Jones shares some Eagles Super Bowl envy but misses the bullseye

Jerry Jones, Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)
Jerry Jones, Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /

This next statement will probably be one of the most controversial that you’ll ever hear. Listen closely because, as lifelong lovers of Philadelphia Eagles football, you may never read this on Inside The Iggles again. The NFL is a better product because of the Dallas Cowboys and Jerry Jones. Truer words have never been spoken.

Now, don’t hear what hasn’t been said, and don’t read what hasn’t been written. Any mention of the Cowboys makes our skin itch. Every time we see a Cowboys fan, there’s this sickening feeling in our stomachs. Those are usually followed by migraines, but Dallas is a necessary evil.

Occasionally, there are contributions from the blue and grey. Once we saw Tom Landry roll out that 4-3 defensive alignment, the antennas rose. Once Jerry Jones inked Deion Sanders to that massive deal by converting all of that money into a signing bonus, we knew the game had changed forever.

Pro football wouldn’t be the same without Dallas. Eagles Nation wouldn’t be the same without them. We’d be nothing without those nothing takes from Cowboys fans. Football wouldn’t be as fun without a foil, and we’d be lost without the ramblings of their owner Jerry Jones.

Jerry Jones misses wildly and strikes out on three pitches with his most recent Eagles take.

There have to be rivalries in football. That’s what makes the game fun. Where would we be without a New York Giants team or a Dallas Cowboys franchise to despise? Where would we be without the incoherent and constant ramblings of Jerry Jones?

We’ve envisioned life without Jerry, and we don’t like how it looks because if there was no Jerry, we wouldn’t be treated to soliloquies like the following. As former Eagle/Cowboy Terrell Owens would say, “getcha popcorn ready”. The Cowboys owner/president/CEO would like to share his take on Philly’s success.

Forgive him. He just can’t help himself. While we get what he meant, Jerry Jones just did what he always seems to do behind the microphone, He stepped to the plate, swung at everything he saw, and struck out on three pitches.

Here are three of about ten things that are wrong about what Jerry said.

  1. The Eagles went all in, but their current situation is entirely different from that of the L.A. Rams. Their circumstances are entirely different. You can’t equate one team’s situation to the other’s. Philly balanced a ‘win-now’ mindset with setting itself up for the future, and they did so brilliantly. Allow us to dig into that one a little more.
  2. L.A. went the route of the “eff them picks” theory. Remember that? They got stuck with old guys and stick with bad deals. Their best players are aging, and there’s no sign of a youth movement. The Rams, whether they want to or not, are forced to rebuild again while Philly has a nice young core and draft collateral to make upgrades to their roster. There’s nothing similar about what these teams have done.
  3. The Birds have two first-round draft choices in 2023. The Rams don’t have any. Let that sink in for a second.
  4. Philly’s ‘bucket’ isn’t empty. There aren’t any major deals that are holding the team hostage. Sure, they have dead money, but who doesn’t? If they extend Javon Hargrave that will free up some loot. Howie can be trusted to manage the cap and clean up any messes. He always finds a way. Jerry Jones and Les Snead… not so much.
  5. People panic about cap space and potential free agents every year, and every offseason, the NFL’s best G.M. waves his magic wand to make the necessary things happen. This offseason will be no different. While it’s highly likely that Philly will say goodbye to some of their starters (Fletcher Cox, James Bradberry, Miles Sanders), they, again, have maneuverability. There is absolutely no reason to worry about the future if you’re a Philadelphia Eagles fan. 

Jerry is right in one sense. Every team must know when to pick its shot. He just picked his and gambled on an overrated head coach, a B+ quarterback, and a tailback who is already past his prime.

Every night that Birds fans place their heads on their pillows, they do so knowing that their team is better than the Dallas Cowboys. They know that. Jerry Jones knows that. The only people who don’t know that are Dallas Cowboys fans. Their team went all in too.

Unfortunately for them, they aren’t any closer to the Vince Lombardi Trophy than they were two seasons ago. Put that in your pipes and smoke it.

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