Chris Simms embarrasses himself with another flawed Jalen Hurts theory

Chris Simms, Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports
Chris Simms, Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports /

At this point, you have to ask why we listen to Chris Sims or Nick Wright about anything related to Jalen Hurts and/or the Philadelphia Eagles. Keep in mind the fact that it was Wright five years ago that stated that every NFC team in the playoff field other than Philly had a shot to win Super Bowl LII. How did that work out? Though he claims he has no disdain for the Eagles, his words don’t seem to corroborate that.

The unnecessary and unfounded criticism never seems to vanish. It most certainly hasn’t in the five years that have separated Super Bowl LII and Super Bowl LVII. This year, his takes have arguably been worse.

Depending on who you ask, the arguments about whether Wright’s hot takes are better or worse than Chris Simms can go on forever, but Simms is a different animal entirely. At this point, you have to ask if he has some personal vendetta against Jalen Hurts. That’s probably the only thing that would make his takes on Philly’s QB1 make sense.

Chris Simms still won’t give Jalen Hurts, a legitimate MVP candidate his due.

One of the best lessons ever taught in effective communication is that it’s wise to remove the word ‘but’ from disagreements. Once the listener hears someone say ‘but’, even if the first part of the thought was complimentary, it almost always disqualifies what was said prior. Most people only remember what’s said after ‘but’ enters the conversation.

Here’s why that’s relevant. Sure, Simms has complimented Jalen from time to time, but there’s always a ‘but’. Ahead of Super Bowl LVII, Simms is at it again. During a recent sit-down with NBC Sports Philadelphia’s John Clark, the man who might be the biggest Hurts hater on Planet Earth ust couldn’t help himself.

Did you hear the ‘but’? Did you notice that it was followed by another backhanded compliment? At this point, what do we even gain from picking on this guy? Jalen Hurts, once ranked outside of Simms’ top 40 quarterbacks, is now a legitimate MVP, but Simms refuses to give him his due.

As much as we hate to admit it, in the end, the shoulder injury that kept Jalen Hurts out of two games and the shared theory by some that Jalen benefits from leading a gifted offense will probably prevent him from winning the NFL’s Most Valuable Player Trophy. For whatever reason, Hurts gets punished for playing with exceptional teammates. No other quarterback has to deal with that type of criticism. Here’s what’s intriguing though. His absence also proved his value.

Jalen Hurts was 16-1 as a starter this season if you include Philadelphia’s postseason games. The Eagles were 0-2 without him in the lineup, and the second loss was arguably their worst of the season. They fell victim to the lowly New Orleans Saints in a 20-10 home loss.

Something tells us that, had Jalen won all 17 starts, Chris Simms would still have something to complain about. Then again, why are we bothered by this? The son of a New York Giants legend, Chris spent five seasons playing quarterback at football’s highest level, and if you saw any of his 16 career starts, you probably learned early that he has no idea how to play the position.

Period… Point blank… End of the sentence… Let’s move on.