NFL’s 5 most watched Super Bowl games in in TV history

Vince Lombardi Trophy (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Vince Lombardi Trophy (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images) /
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It hasn’t always been this way, but networks carrying the Super Bowl can now assure themselves that they’ll enjoy a rating spike during the NFL’s biggest game.

It won’t be long now! The Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs will battle on football’s biggest stage in Super Bowl LVII. The highly anticipated matchup is certain to bring FOX huge ratings. The storylines are endless: two young skilled quarterbacks, both of whom are African American, Andy Reid, and the Kelce brothers. Philly is a huge market too, so it’s expected that one of America’s biggest sports markets will tune in. Trust us when we tell you that millions of eyes will be watching.

Another reason this Super Bowl could get one of the highest ratings in its history is there’s the added component of Rihanna taking the stage for the game’s halftime show.

Believe it or not, football’s biggest game wasn’t always a rating juggernaut. The first featured the Chiefs and Green Bay Packers. That one had an average of  25.5 million viewers between two networks, CBS/NBC, who shared rights to the game in 1967.

That same year, the event was beaten by The Andy Griffith Show, which commanded 27.6 million viewers that year.

Time changes things, and technology and the NFL’s marketing strategies have improved throughout the years. There isn’t a network on television that wouldn’t love to air the Super Bowl every year. For now, it rotates between three networks, FOX, CBS, and NBC.

The last ten years have brought the most success, with the game commanding an average of about 100 million viewers. That is a big increase from the early years of the event. Let’s look at the top five most-watched Super Bowls in NFL History. Maybe next year, Super Bowl LVII could be on the list.