Eagles best options for replacing punters Arryn Siposs, Brett Kern

Arryn Siposs #8, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)
Arryn Siposs #8, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images) /

It isn’t the sexiest of conversations by any means. After all, who cares about punters right? If we didn’t know any better, one could be talked into believing that they aren’t even on the 53-man roster. Thankfully, we do know better, so here’s why we’re discussing them. A Philadelphia Eagles season that once had the potential of being the best the franchise has ever seen has become arguably the most disappointing ever. We have decided to occupy our minds by discussing other relatable topics, including – yes – punters.

A punter’s life is normally one free of any true hype. Sure, they occupy a roster spot, but they spend much of their time alone on gamedays and fans hate when they’re called upon.

When a punter takes the field during a football game, the conversation is never about the punter. The discussion typically revolves around an offensive drive stalling, field position, and whether or not it can be flipped.

For the uninitiated, every team carries one punter. The Eagles, at this juncture, carry two. Neither of them are very good.

Arryn Siposs is inconsistent and one of the goats of the Eagles’ recent Super Bowl loss (notice we didn’t say G.O.A.T). Brett Kern was signed to fill in when Siposs sat out injured. He’s a former Pro Bolwer that… well… if we’re being honest, it’s time for Kern to retire.

Here’s the thing about punters, you often never realize you need one until tragedy strikes, and it doesn’t get any more tragic than what we saw from Siposs on the Super Bowl stage. That’s a long-winded way of stating the following. Neither of these guys can be on this team in 2023.

No one wants to see the Eagles draft a punter, so here are guys that could be added post-draft and a few guys that could turn heads once free agency begins.

Here’s some of that good old-fashioned blatant honesty. The Eagles aren’t very good on special teams. They could look for Siposs and Kern’s replacements come March.

Here are some of the best punters that we expect to be available in free agency.

1. Riley Dixon, L.A. Rams

Riley Dixon is 30 years old, and if we’re being honest, he was probably one of the five best punters in the game last season.

2. Bradley Pinion, Atlanta Falcons

Like Dixon, Bradley Pinion was one of the top punters in all of pro football last season. If you’re looking for a little versatility, he also handled kickoffs very well.

3. Thomas Morstead, Miami Dolphins

Thomas Morstead has been steady for a while. We wouldn’t call him a top-five punter, but he’s a top-ten guy. The red flag is he turns 37 this offseason, so regression could be coming.

4. J.K. Scott, L.A. Chargers

J.K. Scott is 27. He isn’t one of your best punters league-wide, but he isn’t terrible either. To his credit, however, he’s better than Kern and Siposs.

5. Andy Lee, Arizona Cardinals
Andy Lee used to be one of the game’s best punters. He’s a former three-time First-Team All-Pro, but he’s declining. He turns 41 years old in August which makes him a relic by NFL standards.

Here are a few punters who could be available post-draft.

Nothing surprises us in the NFL Draft anymore. It seems pointless to draft a punter, but you never know. Here are the top five guys in our eyes.

1. Bryce Baringer, Michigan State Spartans

Bryce Baringer averaged 49 yards per punt during the 2022 college football season. He booted one 72 yards once. You can add a couple of Brett Kern/Arryn Siposs punts together, and you might not end up with 72 yards.

2. Michael Turk, Oklahoma Sooners

Turk’s longest boot of the season was 67 yards. His average was 47 yards per boot. He’d be a nice weapon for the Eagles.

3. Adam Korsak, Rutgers Scarlet Knights

Adam Korsak’s 2021 season was statistically better than his final year at the collegiate level. We’re talking an average of 46 yards per punt with a long of 74 in the former as opposed to 43.6 yards per punt and a long of 77 during the latter. Regardless of how you slice it, he’s better than Kern and Siposs. We wouldn’t mind seeing any of these guys in Eagles green.

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