Jonathan Gannon’s must-hear remarks from introductory Cardinals presser

Jonathan Gannon, Arizona Cardinals (Photo by Chris Coduto/Getty Images)
Jonathan Gannon, Arizona Cardinals (Photo by Chris Coduto/Getty Images) /

Stating that change is the only consistent aspect of the NFL game would be erroneous. The NFL has many consistencies. Officiating may not be one of them. The same thing can be stated about weighing catches versus incompletions. The pro game is relatively steady though. Perhaps one of its greatest consistencies is change. We’ll say that. Jonathan Gannon has gone from being the Indianapolis Colts’ defensive backs coach to the defensive coordinator’s office with the Philadelphia Eagles to now becoming the Arizona Cardinals’ head coach in the span of a little over five seasons.

Change is a part of the deal, but his head has to be spinning at this point.

For many Birds fans, Gannon is the subject of their ire, and he may be forever. Based on the past four days, it seems apparent that some will never forgive him.

Whether fair or unfair, he’s viewed as one of the main reasons that this team doesn’t own a second Vince Lombardi Trophy today. He spoke about that two days after Valentine’s Day as he was officially introduced to the media in Arizona as the Cardinals head coach on Thursday.

"Sunday night, I did which was hard (when asked about whether or not he reviewed his defense’s performance in the Super Bowl)… Because you feel for the players when you get to the game. I don’t feel sorry for myself. I feel bad about the players and not getting Mr. Lurie another ring, and Howie (Roseman) another ring, and Nick his first ring, so everything I do, that’s where ‘be where your feet are’ (comes from). I’m always trying to learn from experiences that happen right in real time. That’s what I did, so I feel bad about not being able to get that done, but it was an excellent learning experience for me, and I know I learned a lot from that game."

As you might imagine, some of the other questions that he was asked were also about his stint in the City of Brotherly Love, particularly this past season. Let’s discuss a few.

Here are a few more of the highlights from Jonathan Gannon’s introductory press conference in Arizona.

One of the theories that came out of the Eagles’ Super Bowl loss, when Gannon didn’t return on a flight with the team, was there may have been a lack of focus by J.G. in preparation. How can he fully immerse himself in Super Bowl strategy when there’s the added component of preparing his family for another life change?

Some were asking whether or not Jonathan Gannon already knew he had been given the Cardinals job and that the sub-par play by his unit on football’s biggest stage was evidence that he had lacked the tunnel vision that would be necessary to help this team achieve its goal.

Heck, we asked the same question, but upon further review, it turns out that J.G. didn’t know that he’d be staying in Arizona following the game. So, for our error in our theory, we apologize.

According to Gannon, he was unaware that he would remain in Glendale until after Super Bowl LVII. Howie Roseman hadn’t told him that was the plan until the game had ended. He did however state that his past four days had been “normal” and that he enjoyed himself during the 48 hours leading up to his introduction as head coach.

Gannon’s introductory presser lasted for about an hour. If interested, you can watch the full 60 minutes by clicking here, but while J.G. trades one nest for another, he made sure to credit Philly for his opportunity.

"Obviously, the Philadelphia Eagles organization… It’s first class, just like this one is. Mr. Lurie, Howie Roseman, Nick Sirianni… (I ) really learned a lot (during) my two years with Philadelphia, and the vision that they had for that team, bringing me in and teaching me those things, I’ll forever be grateful… I learned a lot from a lot of different coaches that I was with. I try to pick everyone’s brain, but the Philadelphia Eagles springboarded me into getting this seat and I’ll forever be grateful of those people there."

That first game between the Eagles and Cardinals with Nick Sirianni and Jonathan Gannon on opposite sidelines is going to be must-see television. Just in case you’ve forgotten that Eagles will host the Cards at Lincoln Financial Field in 2023.

Pay close attention when the Eagles’ offense and Cardinal’s defense are on the field. Apparently, Gannon’s still sticking with that “I don’t have a scheme theory, but now, in Arizona, he’s using a new work… adaptable…

Sheesh… Citizens of Glendale and Phoenix beware. He did however state that he hasn’t determined whether or not he’ll call the defensive plays yet.

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