Reasons Jalen Hurts can eventually lead the Eagles to a Super Bowl win

Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles (Arizona Republic)
Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles (Arizona Republic) /
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Howie Roseman, Philadelphia Eagles
Howie Roseman, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images) /

The Eagles are arguably the best-run franchise in the National Football Conference.

Jeffrey Lurie is one of the NFL’s best and most respected owners. Howie Roseman is the game’s best general manager. Philadelphia Eagles fans experienced a lot of pain from the Super Bowl loss, but there isn’t a leadership structure that you’d rather have managing this adjustment process.

There aren’t many quarterbacks that are better at managing adversity. Meanwhile, Nick Sirianni is becoming one of the game’s most respected coaches. The Eagles have a bright future. That matters. Free agents want to join the roster. That matters as well.

Hurts completed 71% of his passes in the Super Bowl. That would have been more than enough to win under any normal circumstance, and as we stated earlier, he hasn’t hit his ceiling yet. The NFL is on notice. Jalen Hurts has arrived, and he’s barely scratching the surface.

The Eagles needed just four more points to win their second Vince Lombardi Trophy, but now, after piecing together one of the best seasons in franchise history, they’re treating next the next like it’s a bounceback year. That should frighten you if you’re a fan of another team.

Jalen Hurts didn’t let this loss get to him. He didn’t blame others. It appears that he’s ready to get back to work. Losing Super Bowl 57 will be motivation in 2023 and beyond, and you should all be aware of what that means for the competition and doubters.