Half-dozen Eagles who shouldn’t be brought back for 2023 NFL season

Andre Dillard #77, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images)
Andre Dillard #77, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images) /
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Many of the Philadelphia Eagles’ 20 impending free agents won’t be back in 2023.

In an ever-changing NFL, there are seemingly few guarantees, aside from those certainties that we know will happen as long as God continues to wake us up in the morning. We know when free agency starts, when the NFL Draft is, and that there will eventually be an 18-week, 17-game regular season, but aside from that, the Philadelphia Eagles and all of the other 31 NFL franchises are keenly aware that one of the guarantees we can make about this great game is change is a fixture.

The Eagles will again take the field for another regular season come September, but they’ll do so with two new coordinators and a lot of new faces. Thanks to the salary cap, free agency, and another NFL Draft, we’ll again say goodbye to a few familiar faces and welcome in several more.

54. . . . Andre Dillard. 77. player

Andre Dillard… What can we say about him that we haven’t already, other than he’s further proof that the NFL Draft isn’t an exact science? He was supposed to be the heir apparent to Jason Peters. There was, however, a problem. He didn’t have half as much talent.

At long last, a journey that began in 2019 seems to be at its end. Howie could pull a fast one. He could be re-signed for a less expensive number if he finds no takers on the free-agent market, but if we’re mulling over which of the Eagles’ 20 impending free agents should be kept and dismissed, if we had our way, he’d be on the first bus of guys who are out of here, especially seeing as how we’d rather have Isaac Seumalo back.

Trust us on this one. He won’t be on that bus alone. Here are five other Birds who shouldn’t be back in 2023, bringing our first wave of dismissals to a half-dozen.