Reactions as cryptic Miles Sanders tweet causes stir on Twitter

Miles Sanders #26, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)
Miles Sanders #26, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images) /

One of the biggest drawbacks of social media is we tend to get that immediate feedback and raw emotion. There are times when it feels like there are things that are better left unsaid. You know how it is. How many times have you stared at your timeline and read more dirty laundry than you would have liked? Then again, the things that most irritate us on social media are also the traits that keep us from deleting our accounts. Seriously, who doesn’t follow our favorite Philadelphia Eagles like Darius Slay, C.J. Gardner Johnson, and Miles Sanders?

Earlier this week, Slay and C.J.’s social media accounts had Eagles Nation talking. Now, it appears that Miles Sanders has caused his own stir.

If you haven’t heard, Boobie is one of 20 impending free agents that Philly must make a decision on. Most believe he’ll be playing elsewhere, but that hasn’t kept us from giving him mentions.

Miles Sanders causes his own brand of upheaval with a cryptic tweet, one that we’re still scratching our heads about.

We all knew Miles wanted to stay in Philly. We have also had our doubts about whether or not he’d get his wish. Perhaps he’s heard something the rest of us haven’t as he took to social media on Friday.

Most of you are familiar with the particulars, but if you’re a casual fan, here’s what you missed. Miles Sanders is one of the more interesting conversation pieces as they relate to the Eagles’ roster.

A second-round selection in 2019, we’ve seen it all during his four-year run in the City of Brotherly Love. We’ve seen highlights, game-breaking home-run ability, and of course, injuries that have kept him sidelined.

In consecutive seasons, 2021 and 2022, we’ve seen his worst and best efforts in succession. Last season, he scored nary a touchdown as a rusher or a receiver. This past season, he notched career highs in games played (17), starts (15), carries (259), rushing yards (1,269), and rushing touchdowns (11). The problem is he plays the NFL’s most punishing position, tailback, one where guys rarely get second contracts from their current teams and franchises most believe they can find replacements.

It’s doubtful that Miles is back with the Birds this season or that he’d get what he wants on the open market, but you can best believe he has the love and support of football’s most loyal fans… even if many believe that they’re ready to turn the page.

Just look at the responses to the above tweet or some of the reactions that we found if you need further evidence.

Miles’ next chapter has yet to be written, but if the setting is somewhere other than Philly, he still has a place in most of our hearts. This is the ugly side of the game we love. Remember the word ‘business’ is twice as long as the word ‘show’, but wherever Boobie lands, we’ll still be cheering unless he battles Philly.