When Does the 2023 NFL Free Agency period begin? Dates and all the info

GLENDALE, AZ - FEBRUARY 12: Jason Kelce #62 of the Philadelphia Eagles . (Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images)
GLENDALE, AZ - FEBRUARY 12: Jason Kelce #62 of the Philadelphia Eagles . (Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images) /

The 2023 NFL free agency period got off to a frenzied start before the new league year even arrived.

Happy New Year, Philadelphia Eagles fans!! Well, new NFL league year anyway. Beginning at 4 p.m. EST, free agents can officially put pen to paper and sign with their new team.

Yes, we’ve seen players agree to terms these past two days, but none of that can become official until the clock starts four on the East Coast.

First came the legal tampering period. Teams are allowed to contact free agents at noon on Monday. Now, things really get interesting. Let’s take a look at some information about the 2023 free agency cycle and recap what the Eagles have done so far.

When does NFL free agency start?

The NFL free agency period starts on March 15th at 4 pm EST.

What is the legal tampering period?

The legal tampering period is a set two-day window where teams can negotiate with an unrestricted free agent’s representation on a contract. This, again, began on March 13th at noon and ends on March 15th at 4 p.m.

What teams could do during this time:

  • Teams can only talk to unrestricted free agents’ representatives during this time. They are not permitted to speak with exclusive rights free agents or restricted free agents.
  • The only time a player can talk to a team by themselves in this period is when they are their own agent.

What teams can’t do during the legal tampering period:

  • Free agents cannot visit a potential suitors city, and they can’t make arrangements for that city.
  • Teams cannot announce details of the agreement until the new year begins in the NFL.

What happens if a team violates this rule?

If a team violates the legal tampering period, league offices may penalize them by taking away picks or fining that franchise.

In 2016, the Kansas City Chiefs were found guilty of illegal tampering rule with then-Eagles free agent Jeremy Maclin. The NFL hit the Chiefs with a major $200,000 fine and stripped them of two picks (a third and a sixth).

What is the NFL salary cap in 2023?

The league’s salary cap in 2023 is $224.8 million, and every team has to be under that threshold by the start of the new league year. That’s why you’ve seen teams release players or restructure contracts in an attempt to free up money.

Can teams go over the cap?

No, this is not baseball. There is a hard cap in the NFL, and no club can spend past that limit, and if the team does, they could get fined or have draft picks taken away. The club also cannot sign any new players until they are under the cap threshold.

How much cap space do the Eagles have?

The Eagles have about $8.8 million in cap space at the time of this story’s release. That ranks them 22nd among 32 teams.

Who the Eagles signed in the pre-free agency phase?

Philadelphia has made a couple of moves before the beginning of the new year with resigning players like Jason Kelce, Brandon Graham, Brett Toth, and Boston Scott.

They also added former Seattle Seahawks running back Rashaad Penny.

Happy NFL new year everyone!! Maybe, finally this week, Aaron Rodgers will announce he’s signing with the Jets.