Travis Kelce urged the Chiefs to trade for Jason Kelce once upon a time

Jason Kelce, Philadelphia Eagles, Travis Kelce #87, Kansas City Chiefs (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
Jason Kelce, Philadelphia Eagles, Travis Kelce #87, Kansas City Chiefs (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images) /

Certain tweets just hit differently. Forget the random beefs and the back-and-forths between players. Pay no attention to cynical ramblings from stars that have become far too common. After all, many of those just get deleted anyway. Seeing something to the effect of “If Travis Kelce had his way, Jason Kelce might be on the Chiefs right now” is something different entirely though. That one almost made us drop our morning bowl of cereal.

Jason Kelce leaving the Philadelphia Eagles? That just sounds wrong!

Before we induce any further panic, those blasphemous words came as part of a drop from the official New Heights Twitter handle. For the uninformed, that’s Jason and Travis’ podcast, one presented by Wave Sports + Entertainment.

Whew! That was a close call! Check out the particulars below.

Crisis averted. Despite New Heights sending some minor shockwaves through our timeline, we can all return to enjoying our days. Thank goodness none of that happened.

Sorry, Travis! Jason Kelce has a home, and that home is in Philadelphia!

Perhaps the greatest parts of the Jason Kelce story lie in the thoughts that there were so many chances for his story to have ended. He didn’t go to a college football power that played in a Power Five Conference. He was a sixth-round draft choice. Many believed he was too small to play the center position at football’s highest level.

We all know how all of that worked out.

Jason Kelce is the only man capable of supplanting Brian Dawkins as the most beloved Eagle ever. The streak of consecutive starts is folklore. He’s the author of the greatest speech in the history of victory parades. He’ll never have to buy a beer or a meal in the City of Brotherly Love once his playing days are over.

Being beaten by Andy Reid on football’s biggest stage was bad enough. Having to think about that happening with Jason in a blood-red Kansas City Chiefs jersey is enough to make any Eagles fan’s stomach turn. Thankfully, things worked out as they did. As Travis states, something tells us the Chiefs will be fine with Creed Humphrey.