Eagles news: Highlights of Jason Kelce’s NFL Total Access takeover

Jason Kelce #62, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images)
Jason Kelce #62, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images) /

A quiet Wednesday evening… A little free time… NFL Network’s flagship show… A Philadelphia Eagles legend… What more do you need for a much-needed wind-down? Jason Kelce, one of the most beloved Birds in franchise history hung out on NFL Total Access for the April 5th airing. We probably don’t need to inform you that we were glued to the screen from start to finish.

The author of the greatest speech in the history of victory parades has also become quite the media voice as his and his younger brother, Travis Kelce’s, New Heights podcast is killing it. Check that one out if you haven’t already. It’s produced by Wave Sports + Entertainment.

This time around, Jason stepped it up to another level, donning a suit and tie to hang out with everyone from M.J. Acosta-Ruiz and Michael Robinson to his teammate from last season, Ndamukong Suh, to discuss everything from Super Bowl LVII and his lovely mother to his draft experience and, yes, the possibility of calling it a career.

Check out some of the highlights of Jason Kelce’s recent appearance on NFL Total Access.

The only certainty that we can hang our caps on in the NFL is change. Roster turnover comes every year. Players are allowed to walk and join other franchises, but Jason Kelce was drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles and will retire an Eagle. It’s hard to imagine him doing something else, but here’s what we can promise you.

He’s never going to have to buy a beer or a meal in Philadelphia again, and regardless of what he does in his post-Eagles life, he’s going to be great at it. Something tells us that he has his eyes on a media gig a la Emmanuel Acho and LeSean Mccoy. You can best believe Jason’s going to have a smooth transition if he does so.

Check out a couple of the highlights from his April 5th Total Access appearance.

Bravo Jason! Bravo!

As sad as it is to say this, Jason Kelce won’t play forever… even if it feels like he’d be able to do so if he determined that was his wish. The legend even stated during his TA visit that Jeff Stoutland advised him that it’s wise to hang the cleats up when he wakes up and realizes that he doesn’t want to do this anymore.

The legend admits that this was the toughest offseason he’s had in making that decision, but he determined, even with limited rest due to the Super Bowl run, that he wasn’t quite ready to call it a career.

That’s certainly good news for Birds fans everywhere, but when he finally rides off into the sunset, we can say this with the utmost confidence. No one will wear the Number 62 jersey again. That’s our story. We’re sticking to it, but don’t weep for Jason Kelce. He’s going to be fine.