Eagles 2023 schedule release: Way-too-early game-by-game predictions

A.J. Brown #11, Philadelphia Eagles, Trevon Diggs #7, Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)
A.J. Brown #11, Philadelphia Eagles, Trevon Diggs #7, Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /
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It’s only natural that we take our shot at predicting wins and losses on the Eagles’ 2023-2024 schedule.

We have long known who the Philadelphia Eagles will play, and now, with the NFL’s schedule release, we know the dates of those games. You know how this works. 18 weeks… 17 games… The bye week comes in Week 10. As always, it should be fun.

One of Philadelphia’s’ most productive young players on defense in 2022, Javon Hargrave, plays for an extended rival now. We’ll see him on December 3rd as the enemy.

Jalen Hurts is now a very wealthy man, but his deal won’t limit the Birds from building a team around him. As a matter of fact, people have even gone as far as to predict this squad will be better than last year’s version. Beginning in Week 1, they’ll have the opportunity to prove that. How about some way-too-early predictions?

We begin with a road game in Week 1.

. 4:25 p.m. EST. 54. . 17. 47. 27. Sunday, September 10th

Whatever happened to New England Patriots fans?

Well, we told you this day would come. We told you that, at some point, the dynasty would end. A team can only have its greatest quarterback in franchise history once. Teams can only have their greatest coach of all time once. In Foxborough, the New England Patriots had that at the same time. They also watched their rivals (the Bills, Dolphins, and Jets) fall on hard times at the same time.

Things have certainly changed, haven’t they? Dare we say the Pats are the AFC East’s worst team now?

While you mull that one over, we’ll leave you a few nuggets. The Eagles open on the road again. This game doubles as Tom Brady’s appreciation night. We feel like this game will be too close for comfort, but the Birds are the better team. They’ll find a way to win a close one.