Eagles schedule: Ranking the opposing head coaches Philly faces in 2023

Jonathan Gannon, Arizona Cardinals (Photo by Chris Coduto/Getty Images)
Jonathan Gannon, Arizona Cardinals (Photo by Chris Coduto/Getty Images) /
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The Eagles match wits with both elite offensive and defensive minds in 2023.

The NFL’s regular-season schedule is out. We know who the Philadelphia Eagles will play AND when they will play them. Like you, we’re all smiles. Like you, we have already dissected the coming Birds campaign from every possible angle.

They play some elite quarterbacks. Jalen Hurts has a few duels on his hands. The job won’t get any easier for Nick Sirianni and his staff either. They will match wits with some great coaching staffs.

You never know how some of these games will end until you see them play out sometimes, but the Eagles have some top-tier coaching minds to prepare for in 2023. Here is a ranking of 14 guys who will most certainly have their guys ready to play.

Ranking opposing HCs on the Eagles schedule – The ‘we don’t see what everyone else sees’ tier

We won’t say these guys don’t deserve to be NFL coaches. Let’s just say that, in our court of opinion, the jury is still out.

Jonathan Gannon, Cardinals. 14. player. 32. . .

We know Jonathan Gannon’s defense put up some impressive numbers last season. We also know that most Eagles fans believe that happened despite J.G. and not because of him.

Jeffrey Lurie LOVES Gannon. We know that as well. He tried to give him a pay raise to stay in town, but to a man, or woman, most Eagles fans will always remember him going forward for being the man who was embarrassed by Andy Reid during Super Bowl LVII.

. Robert Saleh, Jets. 13. player. 30. .

Robert Saleh proved to be a fantastic defensive coordinator with the San Francisco 49ers… we think. The Niners experienced some transition the first year after his departure, but can’t we make the argument that they’re just as good if not better without him, right?

Then again, in 2020, he had injuries on his unit, and he did a lot with little. We have to tip the cap for that.

He earned a head-coaching job with a snake-bitten Jets franchise. We knew he had a lot of work to do, but winning 32 percent of one’s games isn’t going to cut it in New York. We’ll learn a lot about him now that the Jets actually have a quarterback presence.