Eagles schedule: Ranking the opposing head coaches Philly faces in 2023

Jonathan Gannon, Arizona Cardinals (Photo by Chris Coduto/Getty Images)
Jonathan Gannon, Arizona Cardinals (Photo by Chris Coduto/Getty Images) /
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Mike McDaniel, Philadelphia Eagles
Mike McDaniel, Miami Dolphins (Photo by Billie Weiss/Getty Images) /

Ranking the opposing coaches – The ‘let’s see if these guys prove they’re worth the hype’ tier

Every coach in our third tier can be placed in a sentence with the word respect, and no one would have an issue. The NFL always asks the same question of its coaches and players. What have you done for me lately?

Any missteps by these guys and the leash will shorten quickly. You can bet your bottom dollar on that.

59. . . . Mike McDaniel, Dolphins. 9. player

Six of the ten new head coaches in the NFL had never done the job before. Three of those guys led their teams to the postseason. All three of those guys are on this list which brings us to Mike McDaniel.

Miami’s young leader might be the most gifted offensive mind of the 2022 hires, but he has to prove it again this season. Winning nine games in a stacked AFC may not be enough to earn a second-consecutive playoff berth. Philly gets a front-row seat to view the Miami Dolphins’ offense this season.

58. . . . Ron Rivera, Commanders. 8. player

Ron Rivera has the respect of his peers. We have a soft spot for him even though he leads a rival because we know his blood has traces of midnight green.

Seeing him navigate the sinking ship that is the Washington Commanders is alone reason to tip your cap to him. He has kept his teams competitive even though the organization he works for has proven to be his worse enemy.

He’s a proven leader of men, but he has to win games. It’s doubtful that he’ll do so this season.

31. . . . Brian Daboll, Giants. 7. player

We will never understand how a man whose team was predicted to finish third in its division wins the NFL’s Coach of the Year Award when he does exactly what we predicted him to… earn a third-place finish in the division he coaches in.

The NFL set a low bar there, didn’t they?

Petty beef aside, Brian Daboll is a great coach. We’re just trying to determine if he’s the rock star he gets credit for being, Realistically, we can see the Giants taking a step backward, but here’s what might be more damning. We can’t envision a step forward, The G-Men will finish third in the NFC East again.

So, what does that mean? Do we give him another NFL Head Coach of the Year trophy?