10 Eagles with a tremendous opportunity to climb the depth chart during 1st preseason game

  • The Philadelphia Eagles battle the Baltimore Ravens on Saturday.
  • Young prospects are trying to earn opportunities and jobs.
  • Here are ten players worth paying attention to.
Tanner McKee, Philadelphia Eagles
Tanner McKee, Philadelphia Eagles / Aubrey Lao/GettyImages
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The Eagles linebacker corps and secondary features new faces and nice opportunities.

The Eagles added new faces to the second level of their defense and their secondary. Here are three with a lot rising on their Saturday night performance.

8. Myles Jack, linebacker

Myles Jack, Philadelphia Eagles
Myles Jack, Philadelphia Eagles / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages

One of the more common phrases used with juggling depth charts is 'last in and first out', meaning the new guys typically have tough hills to climb in terms of earning jobs. That isn't the case with Myles Jack though... or Zach Cunningham for that matter.

They arrived in Philly as two of the more talented players the Birds have at the linebacker position, and if they're healthy and can pick up the scheme quickly (which are big ifs), they'll be on the team come September.

9. Eli Ricks, cornerback

Eli Ricks, Philadelphia Eagles
Eli Ricks, Philadelphia Eagles / Gary Cosby Jr. / USA TODAY NETWORK

You have been hearing Eli Ricks' name all summer. He sort of joined this team with his own bit of fanfare.

Standing at six-foot-two and tipping the scales at 188 pounds, the former LSU Tiger/Alabama Crimson Tide standout looks the part of an NFL receiver. The questions now are about whether or not he plays like one.

He has a tough hill to climb if he's going to make the roster in all honesty, and if he doesn't, there's no guarantee that the Eagles will be able to sneak him through waivers in September. Keep an eye on this guy all summer long.

10. Justin Evans, safety

Justin Evans, Philadelphia Eagles
Justin Evans, Philadelphia Eagles / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages

Again... You forgot about this guy, didn't you? Justin Evans may have a problem.

Reed Blankenship has taken every first-team snap during training camp. K'Von Wallace has gotten a lot of work with the first team. Sydney Brown is a rookie but will make the team at final cuts.

The Eagles have five safeties on the current training camp roster and one defensive back, Tristin McCollum. The questions are about whether they keep four safeties or five on the 53-man roster, but right now, we'd keep Terrell Edmunds over Evans.

Those are our opinions. You're allowed to have yours. Did we mention this first preseason game will be interesting?

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