15 Eagles players most deserving of making the Pro Bowl roster

We collected the data (or not) and crafted a list of 15 Pro Bowl-worthy Eagles.
Haason Reddick, Philadelphia Eagles
Haason Reddick, Philadelphia Eagles / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages
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Our ranking order of the top 15 Eagles deserving of a Pro Bowl nod is subject to change depending on the mood we find ourselves in.

Before we go any further or another word is typed, here's something we decided to share. Whenever you tell yourself 'I'm going to rank the top 15 Philadelphia Eagles deserving of a Pro Bowl nod', the task seems easy enough. Then, a few things hit you.

None of these guys play the same position. It's very hard to say Jake Elliott is better than Haason Reddick for that reason. Guys go on cold and hot streaks. Yep! This was a much more difficult assignment than we originally anticipated.

Ranking our list made us look at team statistics, Pro Football Focus grades, and yes, the games themselves. Here's where we stand as of right now.

Your list may vary from ours. Our list may change tomorrow, but after losing streaks and heartbreaking losses, we just thought we needed a break to talk about something other than losing.

Here are 15 Eagles who deserve to make the NFL's Pro Bowl.

Yes, friends. After all of our debate and theory, we determined we'd make a list based on gut feelings and the first thoughts that come to our minds. Here's our disclaimer. Our ranking can change on a whim (and without warning or explanation).

Feel free to drop us a line. We know you will... Does your list look like ours?

15. Britain Covey, returner/specialist

Britain Covey, Philadelphia Eagles
Britain Covey, Philadelphia Eagles / Maddie Meyer/GettyImages

No longer the crash test dummy, Britain Covey has distinguished himself as one of the NFL's top punt returners, but he has yet to house one. And, let's be honest. We all know the voters favor other guys whose names we won't mention here.