2 Eagles ugly truths, one obvious lie as Philadelphia's early playoff exit seems likely

Here's a little truth serum about our Eagles, as painful as it may be to swallow.
Arizona Cardinals v Philadelphia Eagles
Arizona Cardinals v Philadelphia Eagles / Kathryn Riley/GettyImages
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Another Eagles loss, their most embarrassing of the NFL regular season, gives way to a rocky start to 2024.

Before writing anything we promise you the plan was to craft a story about finding silver linings in the dark clouds that hover over the Philadelphia Eagles. That plan evaporated quickly after realizing we could only think of one. DeVonta Smith's injury may not be as serious as we originally thought. There you have it. That's our attempt to be positive because our favorite team isn't helping us.

All the Eagles had to do was beat Jonathan Gannon and the lowly Arizona Cardinals. They couldn't even do that. They couldn't even force Arizona to punt. Not once did it happen.

We're done lying to ourselves about this Eagles team.

So yes, when we see sideline shots of Josh Sweat seated with his head in his hands we get it. When we see A.J. Brown walk off the field while shaking his head we understand. We also get why he wouldn't want to talk to the media after this game. As a matter of fact, he's declined to speak with the media twice in as many weeks now. We aren't ticked with A.J. at all.

It's always best to be honest about what you're seeing. This is a bad football team. It took 16 of the 17 Eagles regular-season games to do so, but we have finally learned their identity.

How about a round of two truths and a lie. What else is there to do as we enter another calendar year?