20 former Eagles who are still having a hard time finding jobs this offseason

Familiar faces are having (and may continue to have) difficult times finding new homes. Here's what's going on with 20 former Eagles we thought about recently.

Andre Dillard, Philadelphia Eagles free agency news
Andre Dillard, Philadelphia Eagles free agency news / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages
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Zach Cunningham, linebacker

Howie Roseman spoke highly of Zach Cunningham during a postseason press conference. Philly also added a linebacker coach Zach has a history with (Bobby King). The Eagles, during free agency, however, have added Oren Burks, Devin White, and Zack Baun while Cunningham continues to seek employment.

Marquise Goodwin, wide receiver

The Eagles traded for the former track star during the NFL Draft, but his decision to focus more on family during the COVID-19 scare led to his decision to sit out. Marquise Goodwin never played for Philly and has since spent time with the San Francisco 49ers, Chicago Bears, Seattle Seahawks, and Cleveland Browns, but currently, he's looking for another opportunity.

Nate Sudfeld, quarterback

It looks like the highlight of Nate Sudfeld's career will be winning a Super Bowl ring with the 2017 Eagles. He's been a member of the 49ers and Lions' rosters since his exit, but it's hard to imagine that many NFL franchises are interested in giving him a serious look now.

Shaquille Leonard, linebacker

Well, this didn't work. The Indianapolis Colts gave up on Shaquille Leonard. Philly gave up on Shaq Leonard. Both teams needed linebacker help. That says a ton as he appears to be living off of a reputation now that doesn't accurately describe who he is now.