2023 Eagles free-agent acquisitions that thankfully won't return next season

The Philadelphia Eagles 2023 free-agent class featured a few names that piqued our interest, but things fizzled in a hurry.
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Marcus Mariota, quarterback

The Eagles were lucky in the sense that they didn't have to trot their backup quarterback Marcus Mariota out for any important time in games this season. The eight-year veteran was brought in to be ready in case Jalen Hurts wasn't able to play, but we learned quickly he wasn't going to be able to deliver any quality wins. On the season, he racked up 164 passing yards, one touchdown, and one interception. All of that came during Philadelphia's lopsided loss to the New York Giants in the regular-season finale.

Mariota's notable work in 2023 came during the preseason where he struggled mightily. He completed just 57% of his passes. 165 yards, no touchdowns, and an interception were the result. There isn't much left here. This team should explore more options for a backup to Hurts next season.

Justin Evans, safety

Safety Justin Evans was brought in as a replacement for C.J. Garder-Johnson. The latter left the Eagles in free agency and signed with the Detroit Lions. Evans became the opening-day starter, but his season ended with a knee injury in October. Sadly, that's been much of his story in the NFL.

So far, in four years with three different teams, he has yet to play an entire season. His lack of durability doesn't make a possible extension seem likely. He should be placed on a list of veterans at the ends of their deals that Philly needs to move on from come March.

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