21 lesser-mentioned Eagles who look like locks to make the 2024 roster

Veterans, new guys, and former UDFAs... Let's take a look at some of next season's roster locks.
Kelee Ringo, Philadelphia Eagles
Kelee Ringo, Philadelphia Eagles / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages
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Regardless of where the rest of the season takes us, the Eagles have some building blocks for the 2024 squad.

Perhaps the 'week-by-week' nature of the NFL is beginning to take its toll on us. We're supposed to have short memories as they relate to the last game. We're supposed to possess some sort of tunnel vision and focus only on the next Philadelphia Eagles opponent. Why is it then that we're still discussing those losses to the San Francisco 49ers and Dallas Cowboys?

Hmm... Maybe old habits die a little harder.

You know what? Now that we think about it, that 'week-by-week', 'brick-by-brick' mentality belongs with coaches and players. Fans and members of the media are allowed to look as far back or as far ahead as they damn well please.

That being said, we're here for all of the smoke. If you want to discuss mock drafts, we're down. If you like to discuss 2024 NFL Draft prospects, you're in luck. So do we.

How about this? How about we talk about some foundational pieces and building clocks.

1. Avonte Maddox, cornerback

Avonte Maddox, Philadelphia Eagles
Avonte Maddox, Philadelphia Eagles / Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Nothing makes a man more valuable than his company's inability to find a good employee to fill in during that man's absence from work. Philly's deficiencies at the slot cornerback position stem from Avonte Maddox's current stay on the injured reserve.

Here's some good news, though it doesn't aid Philly right now. Maddox will be back and won't hit free agency until 2025.

Regardless of how the ride in the current Eagles season ends, we can place Maddox's name on a list of players this team will continue building around in 2024. Here's a look at some other lesser-mentioned guys that will join him.