2nd-day NFL Draft targets the Eagles could explore to fill a Fletcher Cox-sized hole

It's hard to find interior defensive linemen who play the run and rush the quarterback well, but the Eagles may have a few options in the 2024 NFL Draft.

Fletcher Cox, Philadelphia Eagles
Fletcher Cox, Philadelphia Eagles / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages
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That funny feeling in your stomach shouldn't bother you. You're just excited. We get it. Like a significant other that you can't leave alone even though they often treat you unfairly, the Philadelphia Eagles have us all believing again even though they have said goodbye to two franchise legends.

Jason Kelce is gone. So is Fletcher Cox. Both leave huge shoes to fill, not only on the field but also in the huddle and locker room.

Replacing an interior defensive lineman who played a dozen years and racked up 70 sacks is a tough ask. It's hard to find guys who can create that type of production along the defensive line's interior. Let's hope the young guys are ready.

While knowing the Eagles have Jalen Carter, Jordan Davis, and Milton Williams waiting in the wings, we can't be too certain they won't continue stocking the cupboard come draft time.

They don't have to do so on Day 1, but anything is possible on Day 2. Here are a handful of guys whose names you should remember.

Braden Fiske, Florida State

Okay, here's the hunch. Every good draft theory includes one or two. We're assuming Byron Murphy II (Texas) and Jer'Zhan Newton (Illinois) get scooped up in Round 1. We've been wrong before, but that's how we feel today. Don't sue us if that changes tomorrow.

Ruke Orhorhoro may be a more polished player than most of the guys on this list, but we fear he needs some development as a pass rusher. It's for that reason, we'll leave him off of our list for now. A true Fletcher Cox replacement needs to stop the run and wreak havoc as a pass rusher with equal proficiency.

Enter Braden Fiske. It's funny that a six-foot-three, 295-pound prospect can be viewed as undersized, but that's where the NFL is now.

This phenomenal athlete runs the 40-yard dash in 4.78 seconds, but if you're asking your interior defensive linemen to run 40 yards downfield and make tackles, something has gone with your roster-building process. Keep an eye on him during the pre-draft process. Watch these other guys as well.