3 Eagles 2024 free agents that won't be back, 3 question marks (and one holdover)

Here are a few guesses on which actions we'll see taken with several members of the Eagles 2024 free agent class.

Marcus Mariota, Philadelphia Eagles
Marcus Mariota, Philadelphia Eagles / Tom Hauck/GettyImages
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As is always the case, the Eagles have roster decisions to make come free agency's 'frenzy'.

Week after week, we're told the NFL is a week-to-week game. Then, the same people who tell us that show signs of recency bias while overreacting to everything. When the Philadelphia Eagles win, they're a Super Bowl contender. When they don't, they suck. Every Jalen Hurts throw is dissected while every win or loss sends Birds fans into a frenzy (or pushes them over the edge).

Frankly, we need a break. Some of you are exhausting.

At the time of this story's release, two regular-season games remain in Philly's season. It's way too early to begin discussing free agency, but frankly, we need a mental break. Hey, the Eagles are already having these discussions, so we'll do the same. How many players on the current roster might find new homes next season?

Possible holdover: Shaun Bradley

Currently, 18 Eagles are expected to take a dip in free agency's pool come March. Honestly, you can make arguments for all of them leaving (or staying). Shaun Bradley's rookie contract nears its end. His 2023 season ended in August. He's currently on the injured reserve.

He isn't someone who would land a huge salary on the open market. For that reason (and because of his value on special teams), he feels like someone who would have made the initial 53-man roster had he been healthy. He's also someone we can see the Eagles welcoming back.

We'll see what happens with guys like Boston Scott, Jack Driscoll, and Sua Opeta.