3 Reasons for the Eagles to acquire Shaquille Leonard, three more to ignore him

We're almost certain the Eagles won't be acquiring Shaquille Leonard but feel led to discuss the pros and cons anyway.
Shaquille Leonard, Eagles free agency
Shaquille Leonard, Eagles free agency / Perry Knotts/GettyImages
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Three reasons the Eagles should acquire Shaquille Leonard

After being scarred by acquisitions that brought Ryan Kerrigan and Robert Quinn into the fold, it's easy to ask if there's a possibility that Shaquille Leonard might not have much left. Here's a question that we may want to ask though. What if he does?

Here are three reasons why adding him to the Eagles offense makes sense.

He's a luxury, not a necessity.

We mentioned Leonard's decreased playing time earlier. That might make his transition to Philly easier. That is if the Birds are interested.

Morrow and Cunningham are playing so well that Shaq is a luxury, not a necessity. Nakobe Dean will also return at some point, so think about it this way. If Leonard is your third or fourth linebacker, there are no issues about depth.

Is Philly willing to pay the fourth linebacker so much money though? That's the million dollar question (pun intended).

Nakobe Dean may not need to be rushed back to the playing field.

Nakobe Dean is out for a while, but he'll be back. Adding someone of Leonard's skill set means Philly won't have to rush the young guy back (and, they wouldn't anyway).

One could also argue that Leonard is simply a better player than Dean. We can revisit that one at a later date though.

He already has a relationship with Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni.

Perhaps Zach Berman said it best.

"Nick Sirianni saw Darius Leonard at his best. Shane Steichen saw him at his worst. Wonder, if it all, how that factors into any potential interest from the Eagles."

Nick Sirianni likes having guys around that he's familiar with. He was the Indianapolis Colts' offensive coordinator from 2018 until 2020, so he and Leonard spent three seasons together. There's a possibility that Shaq is being discussed at the NovaCare Complex. That's all we're saying friends. That's all we're saying.