3 standouts and 1 question mark from Wednesday's Philadelphia Eagles training camp practice

There were some wow moments and rough plays, but that's what practice is for. Here are some standouts from the Eagles' first training camp session and one guy we'd like to see tighten up.

Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles
Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles / Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports
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We need a little more from these Eagles.

We won't call them duds per se. Hey, it was the first practice, and it wasn't very long. Still, guys can't get better unless they're coached up. We expect these guys to tighten up, but we won't lie to you. Day one was rough.

Marcus Mariota

There used to exist a theory in NFL circles. 'The most popular player on most teams is the backup quarterback'. That isn't the case in Philly, but you understand the idea.

Most fans are impatient and want immediate results. Thankfully the Birds have their guy, but QB2 has received some love since his arrival, for obvious reasons.

Marcus Mariota had a nice-looking TD throw to Tyree Jackson, but overall, it was a lackluster day for the new guy. Sure, he was standing behind a second-string O-line that felt the fire of a nice rush. but that doesn't excuse some bad overthrows, a fumble that occurred when he was pressured by Nolan Smith, and the aforementioned interception he threw to Christian Elliss.

There were low snaps and some odd-looking moments. Again, it was the first practice session, but we'd like to see Marcus tighten up this weekend.

The Eagles will participate in a walkthrough on Thursday before returning to work for a second practice session on Friday.

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