5 bargain free agents Eagles should target to fix their biggest needs

Some have had off years. Others are staring up the food chain at their respective positions. All are potential bargain free agents that fill massive holes for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Devin White, Philadelphia Eagles free agency
Devin White, Philadelphia Eagles free agency / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages
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You've been watching the calendar, right? Well, that's probably a dumb question. We all have. We've all been watching the salary cap. We've discussed Jason Kelce, Fletcher Cox, and Haason Reddick ad nauseam. Thank goodness we aren't the Philadelphia Eagles' general manager. We can sit back, watch, and spend our time complaining about what happened once it's done.

We're kidding of course, but the point is this. The close of another season hasn't extinguished our thirst to discuss the offseason that follows. Free agency looms. We hope our Birds are active now that they have some money to spend, but they'd be wise to explore some bargain signings that still meet a few obvious needs.

Here are a handful of guys we just had on our minds as of late. Fear not. We'll most certainly add to this list in the coming days and weeks.

Devin White, linebacker

Here's the good news. Devin White can potentially be one of the top players at his position. He's one of the better pass rushers who plays the off-ball linebacker position.

He's 26 years young and, basically, everything the Eagles hoped Shaquille Leonard could be. Here's the bad news. He doesn't defend play-action very well, and at times, he gambles and loses.

White might be ranked ahead of other free-agent options had he not played his worst football during a contract season. That's bad news for him, but good news for any organization that needs a linebacker like... ahem... the Philadelphia Eagles.

Honorable mention: 34 Frankie Luvu, linebacker

Frankie Luvu, depending on how things fall during the free agency frenzy, could luck his way into more money than he thought he'd earn. He could also find that his market wasn't as large as he thought.

We really like this guy and some believe he'd make the Birds abandon their negligence in addressing their linebacker needs. Most missed much of what he's done so far because he played in a small market for a bad football team, the Carolina Panthers.

He has limitations in coverage, but if Philly wants to spend some extra coins for a change, he might be the cure for all that ails them. Put a pin by his name. We'll revisit this later.