4 reasons the Eagles will take down the Buccaneers in their Week 3 matchup

We're expecting a 3-0 start to the Eagles' season. Here are the reasons we can guarantee it will happen.
Baker Mayfield, Eagles news
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The Eagles have a slight edge in coaching, but they have more talent on their roster.

It may sound cliché to state this, but this one figures to come down to coaching. How's that for analysis? Brilliant. huh?

Here's the thing. Neither of these coaching staffs is as stocked as what Mike Holmgren had on his Green Bay Packers staff in 1996.

If we were to make apples-to-apples comparisons (or in this case apples-to-oranges), there are some things that Nick Sirianni does better than Todd Bowles and vice versa. Bucs offensive coordinator Dave Canales has outperformed Eagles OC Brian Johnson, but we'll give a slight edge in coaching to Philly.

Meanwhile, the Birds have more talent on their roster, so much so that they can mask some of their deficiencies. Long story short, Philly should be favored.

Simply put, it's doubtful that the Buccaneers can't score enough points to win this game.

When it comes down to it, every football game, regardless of the level at which it's played, follows a particular script. Coaches are charged with placing their players in a position to be successful. Players are asked to make plays. Philly's coaches, if we're being honest, haven't done a consistent job of doing the former, but again, their talent has masked that.

The Eagles have averaged 29.5 points in their first two games. The Bucs have averaged 23.5. Coincidentally, that's in line with our final score prediction.

Expect offensive fireworks here and there. Expect Philly's defense to force a turnover and their offense to make a few more plays than Tampa on that side of the ball.

Final score prediction: Eagles 30, Buccaneers 24