5 Eagles besides James Bradberry who didn't live up to expectations in 2023

We didn't get the season from James Bradberry that we expected, but there are plenty of other Eagles we can state the same thing about.
James Bradberry, Philadelphia Eagles
James Bradberry, Philadelphia Eagles / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages
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Okay, serious question. Is there anyone else who feels like something broke in James Bradberry after the Super Bowl? Ever since that holding call, he's seemingly been a different dude. A Second-Team All-Pro following the 2022-2023 NFL season, the Philadelphia Eagles awarded him with a three-year, $38 million extension on March 15th. How do we put this nicely? They may be feeling some buyer's remorse.

Look, we have banged on James enough. This isn't that type of story, but one day, we'll be much older versions of ourselves. We'll still be watching football, and we'll tell the grandchildren about the 2023 Eagles and the manner in which they collapsed. James will be mentioned in all of those stories.

Less than a week after a crushing ending to Philly's most recent season, fingers are being pointed. Our Birds must do some soul-searching. That will begin at the coaching and talent level. We expected a lot from this team, and in the end, they let us down. Here's what we take for granted though. They also let themselves down.

This can be turned around, even if it doesn't feel like it right now. Make no mistake about it though. The starters and most important players have to be better.

Nakobe Dean, linebacker

Nakobe Dean was supposed to be the defensive signal-caller and one of the top tacklers on the roster. Sure, injuries railroaded things, and we can't call him a bust if the limitations of his body prevented him from playing. Still, we were ill-prepared for a five-game run from the expected middle linebacker (and the 30 tackles and half-sack those five games produced).

It's too early to give up on him, but he has to pop off in year three next season.