5 Eagles with the best chances to author bounce-back stories

Here are a handful of Eagles that we'll be cheering for a little louder. They have chances to author bounce-back stories.
Devin White, Philadelphia Eagles
Devin White, Philadelphia Eagles / Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Who doesn't love a bounce-back story? Well... Atlanta Falcons fans may not... Anyone left in Houston that loved the Oilers may not either. We might also argue that L.A. Chargers fans don't care to talk about bounce-back stories either. We're getting off track here. The point is for most sports fans bounce-back stories are cool. Who could ever forget the Philadelphia Eagles' come-from-behind victory over Brett Favre and the Green Bay Packers in that Divisional Round Game? Philly erased a 14-0 lead to win by way of a Brian Dawkins interception and a David Akers walk-off field goal in overtime.

Our love for bounce-backs is a huge reason why a fictional boxer has a statue in Philadelphia. He authored a few bounce-backs of his own. Remember when Rocky Balboa turned the tide on Ivan Drago? That fight should have been stopped but never was. Rocky must have been knocked down 60 times in Round 1 of that one, but alas! He eventually scored the knockout.

If your love for comebacks is limited to nonfiction. You may find a few on the current Eagles roster. Several guys have a chance to author their turnaround. Here are five Eagles who come to mind (and three honorable mentions).

Saquon Barkley, running back

Saquon Barkley was the second-overall selection in the 2018 NFL Draft. He seemed destined for stardom after being named Offensive Rookie of the Year and as a member of the NFC's Pro Bowl team that season, but unfortunately, he plays the game's most punishing position.

He'd miss all but two games in 2020. He'd have to wait until 2022 to be named to his second Pro Bowl roster. Last season was average by his standards as he only rushed for 962 yards and six TDs in 14 games.

The New York Giants elected not to pay him this offseason. Howie Roseman and company did, so now, he's in Philly. His revenge tour is confirmed versus the G-Men.

He has never been on a team that was this good. Just ask his beautiful daughter. He has never run behind an O-line as good as this one. Cue the bounce-back. This season will be special.

Jalen Hurts, QB1

Everyone seems to have forgotten a few things. Jalen Hurts finished second in MVP voting in 2022 and led the Eagles within four points of winning the Super Bowl. Following that last scramble in Week 12's overtime win over the Buffalo Bills, he was also the front-runner to win the MVP trophy last season. What are we saying here? It's simple actually.

Why are you acting like this guy can't play football? Sure, the Eagles collapsed last season, but there was a lot that went into that.

Here's the prediction, and we don't need a bold one. Jalen will return to form this season. He'll explode under Kellen Moore's watch and again be in the MVP conversation.

Devin White and Nakobe Dean, linebackers

Devin White went from being one of the best players on the field during a Tampa Bay Buccaneers/Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl to being benched during Philly's trip to Raymond James Stadium last January in the Wild Card Round. Here we are. He lands in Philly by way of a one-year deal.

Nakobe Dean was invited to the 2022 NFL Draft as it was thought he'd be a first-round selection. He fell to the Eagles in Round 3. He didn't play much as a rookie, and he too two trips to the injured reserve last season.

Both are expected to be the top two guys on Philly's depth chart at the linebacker position. Both have many questions to answer. We totally believe in them.

C.J. Gardner-Johnson, safety

They say one should never burn bridges they may need to travel back to one day. Whoever said that never passed the memo to C.J. Gardner-Johnson.

He's well known for starting fires on social media. He has insulted New Orleans Saints fans, Eagles fans, and Detroit Lions fans upon his exit from each team. He's been extended the olive branch. He gets a second opportunity in Philadelphia.

C.J. G.J. is a firecracker which is much of the reason why we love him, but he'd benefit from channeling some of that aggression. There's another side to that same coin though. It may be counterproductive to change who he is.

He missed all but three games in Detroit because of injury and didn't do much last season. His best season came in Philly while playing in a variation on Vic Fangio's defensive scheme. Now, Fangio is his defensive coordinator. You see where this is headed, right?

Don't expect a league-leading interception total, but expect big plays. You can also expect C.J. to provide the emotional spark that Philly missed last season.

Worth mentioning: James Bradberry

Certainly, this hinges one whether James Bradberry is on the Eagles' roster or not, but there's a chance he will be. There's regression, and there's unexplainable collapse. James is guilty of the latter.

He went from being an All-Pro nod during his first season in Philly to having people place his last name on trash cans. First, that's disrespectful. Second, there's still a lot to like here.

James is the ultimate professional and can teach Quinyon Mitchell and Cooper DeJean so much. He's also still one of the better off-corners in the league.

Stay tuned!

Worth mentioning: Parris Campbell and John Ross, wide receivers

This is sort of a stretch. In order for Parris Campbell to be in line for a turnaround, he would have had to have been decent in the first place. He's been a disappointment, but he can run and has better hands than Quez Watkins.

John Ross might not have been signed by Philadelphia had DeVante Parker not retired. We'll never know though. All we can say is they're here now.

Two weeks ago, we could easily explain why both shouldn't be on the roster. Now, we can offer arguments for their inclusion. One or the other (or both) needs to make the team first. Then, we'll see how things go after that happens.

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