Eagles posted a video of Saquon Barkley's daughter dunking all over the Giants

"Does that mean we're going to win now?"

Philadelphia Eagles v New York Giants
Philadelphia Eagles v New York Giants / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

The Philadelphia Eagles swiped Saquon Barkley from the New York Giants this offseason in a move that has Eagles fans laughing manically. It's no secret that these two teams hate each other so seeing Barkley jump to the good side is yet another thing that Eagles fans can hold over Giants fans' heads.

Well, Barkley himself isn't holding back from dunking on his old team. Or in this case, his young daughter isn't afraid to dunk on her dad's old team.

Barkley shared a video of him telling his daughter that he'll be playing for the Eagles now. His daughter's response? "Does that mean we're going to win now?"

Saquon Barkley's daughter destroyed Giants fans with one simple question.

This story just keeps getting better! Not only is Barkley dissing the Giants by abandoning ship to come to Philadelphia but even his daughter is making jokes about them. While Barkley was with the Giants, the team had just one winning season, which came in 2022 when they made it into the playoffs as a Wild Card team. Meanwhile, the Eagles have only had one losing season during that time.

Barkley spent the first six years of his career with the Giants and rushed for over 1,000 yards in three of those seasons. It was even more impressive considering just how bad the Giants' offensive line was during Barkley's time there. If he could put up major numbers in New York with a bad offensive line, just imagine what kind of damage he can do with the Eagles' talented o-line.

One thing is for sure and that's that Eagles fans already love Barkley's daughter for this comment alone. And yes, her dad is now going to be on a winning team.