5 Eagles who made the initial 53-man roster that are also possible Week 1 inactives

The names on this list belong to potential healthy scratches on Eagles game days, the first guys who will be released if another acquisition occurs, and prospects who simultaneously sit in both categories.
Mario Goodrich, Philadelphia Eagles
Mario Goodrich, Philadelphia Eagles / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages

The calendar turns from August to September. Just like that, we're one step closer to the first Philadelphia Eagles regular-season game of the 2023 NFL campaign. The Birds are in Foxborough, Massachusetts for a tilt versus the New England Patriots. That one doubles as a Tom Brady appreciation day.

Despite the emotional buzzsaw and the spirited effort that Philly and its fans are expecting, we're jotting this one down as an Eagles victory. Who cares if 'Bellicheat'... Oops... We meant to say who cares if Bill Belichick is on the other sideline?

The Eagles are the more talented team. We believe that even in the expectation that the first game's roster will look slightly different from the one Philadelphia introduced following the NFL's deadline for its teams to bring their number to the allowable 53 men. One day later, they added a baker's dozen to the practice squad.

On the following Thursday, they added another trio of young prospects to complete their scout team as a 16-man unit. There is still much to be discussed in the aftermath.

48 players dress for action on game days. That means five guys will be deemed inactive 90 minutes before kick-off. Who might those guys be? Who are the odd men out if Philly adds more talent? We're glad you asked. Let's answer those questions.

Here are the most likely Eagles to be healthy scratches on game days and/or released if Howie Roseman surprises us with an acquisition.

You never know what these Eagles are up to. No one plays poker with their cards closer to their vests. No other organization runs itself this secretively. All we know is we're to expect the unexpected.

We have seen this franchise trade Sam Bradford and name Carson Wentz as its starter eight days before the regular-season opener. We saw the addition of C.J. Gardner-Johnson last season in the 11th hour.

Here is a list of six names. Some are the most likely guys to be released if the Birds need a roster spot. Some are simply going to be healthy scratches on game days. Some fall into both categories. You can argue among yourselves in the meantime.

Here's the thing. The best choices to handle punting and punt-return duties occupy spots on the practice squad (Arryn Siposs and Britain Covey), it's safe to assume they'll be elevated on game days until Philly reaches their three-elevation maximum.

What comes after that is anyone's guess. Maybe they find someone, but here are the prospects to monitor.

1. Fred Johnson, offensive lineman

Fred Johnson, Philadelphia Eagles
Fred Johnson, Philadelphia Eagles / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages

Fred Johnson busted his arse and earned a spot on Philly's 53-man roster. It is also hard to imagine a scenario in which he is released. Still, unless there are injuries, he may be a healthy scratch on game days. We'd be fine with that being the scenario.

2. Moro Ojomo, defensive tackle

Moro Ojomo, Philadelphia Eagles
Moro Ojomo, Philadelphia Eagles / Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Moro Ojomo is one of those guys that many felt would be kept. There was a fear of him being waived and landing with another team.

His rookie deal locks him in for four years, but the Eagles are loaded at the defensive line's interior. That means we probably won't see him play in 2023. He's another candidate for the healthy scratch category.

3. Kentavius Street, defensive line

Kentavius Street, Philadelphia Eagles
Kentavius Street, Philadelphia Eagles / Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Kentavius Street's situation is different from Moro Ojomo's. Street is signed to a one-year deal. Some thought he would be released. He's a potential healthy scratch on game days and a cut candidate if anything in the realm of a late addition occurs.

4. Mario Goodrich, cornerback

Mario Goodrich, Philadelphia Eagles
Mario Goodrich, Philadelphia Eagles / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages

Mario Goodrich is one of seven cornerbacks the Eagles kept on their initial 53-man roster. He's also one of four other former undrafted rookie free agents at the defensive back position. Eli Ricks, Josh Jobe, and Reed Blankenship are the other three.

Goodrich is very familiar with what this team wants to do, and like Street, he is both a potential healthy scratch on game days and a possible roster subtraction if Howie makes a late signing.

5. The wild card: Grant Calcaterra, tight end

Grant Calcaterra, Philadelphia Eagles
Grant Calcaterra, Philadelphia Eagles / Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Four tight ends... Raise your hand if you have been having this discussion with your best buds. Dallas Goedert is in no danger of release. The Eagles love Jack Stoll. They have recently acquired Albert Okwuegbunam.

It's tough to gauge whether or not Grant Calcaterra's footing in the organization is firm. He could be a cut candidate, or a possible healthy scratch on game days, or both.

6. Worth noting: NFL teams get extra game-day roster spot for 3rd QB

Tanner McKee, Philadelphia Eagles
Tanner McKee, Philadelphia Eagles / Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Tanner McKee is in no danger of being released, but in years past, he would be a likely healthy scratch. That's no longer the case.

League rules now allow for a 3rd quarterback to sit on the game-day roster without occupying a needed roster spot, but the hope is we won't see Philly's QB2 in waiting on game days.

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