5 Eagles leaders that can fuel a Super Bowl run and a new guy we hope does the same

The players on this list can help end the Eagles' recent slump and help fuel a second consecutive appearance in the big game.
Buffalo Bills v Philadelphia Eagles
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Jalen Carter, defensive tackle

One of the Eagles' pair of 2023 first-round draft picks, Jalen Carter, entered the season with enormous expectations. Following a successful collegiate playing career at the University of Georgia, the Apopka, Florida, native needed to adapt to the pro game quickly following the departure of defensive tackle Jason Hargrave. Let's just say he has accomplished that mission.

Veteran defensive linemen Fletcher Cox and Graham have entered what appears to be the twilight of their careers. The long-time Eagles may not retire following the season, but they can't be expected to shoulder the load as they once did. Guys like Carter will need to step up, but there are questions about him possibly hitting the rookie wall.

Philadelphia is depending upon his contributions as the regular season winds down. Regardless of how things end, the Eagles will look for positive takeaways. One of which needs to be that Carter plays well during the final few weeks of the regular season.

One of Philly's many 'Dawgs', Carter is a leading candidate for the Defensive Rookie of the Year Award. He has produced four sacks and six tackles for loss. He is among one of the leaders on the defensive line in solo tackles with 16.

Given the expectations, he has mostly done what Philly has asked of him. Fair or unfair, his team will now ask for even more. He's fully capable of fueling a Super Bowl run.