5 Eagles who must rebound from recent slumps for Philly's regular-season homestretch

A handful of Eagles have seen their production slip as of late. Let's hope they turn that around in the regular season's homestretch and in the postseason.
James Bradberry, Philadelphia Eagles
James Bradberry, Philadelphia Eagles / Perry Knotts/GettyImages
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Let's hope the Eagles' playmakers begin making some plays in a hurry.

We won't insult your intelligence by restating something you have heard 20 times already, nor will we discuss obvious things. You know about the Philadelphia Eagles' losing streak and what it means in terms of playoff chances. You know this team had better start winning again and do so quickly.

Let's make long stories short. Everyone from players and coaches has stunk it up during this three-game skid. We need more solid performances. Guys have to start making plays. There are several issues. Most are glaring. One of which is the following.

During these first three weekends in December, certain names have been mentioned constantly but in an unfavorable fashion. Let's shine a spotlight on five. Let's hope they can rebound and quickly. We have to see some rebounds

James Bradberry, cornerback

We entered the season knowing Philly's outside cornerback pair would have exceeded 60 years of life as a duo by the time the regular season started. We hoped that they'd drink from the fountain of youth and deny the limitations of their bodies. Both have done the opposite and have shown their age at times. James Bradberry has been the worst of the two.

We're sad to report the 2022 Second-Team All-Pro is struggling, Too often, when you watch broadcasts of Eagles games, he runs into the frame later than you would like, usually after TD receptions or first-down grabs by the guy he was responsible for covering. That happened again in Week 15 on Monday Night Football.

We trust him, even now. He's a long-time veteran with a nice resume for goodness sake, but as of right now, we're seeing early signs of major deterioration. That isn't great news, but it's too late for second-guessing.

Dig down James! We need you!